Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Double Trouble

My sister and I were pregnant at the same time... due 4 days a part. She's one of those girls who just looks CUTE pregnant, while I was warily watching my waistline throw bigger and bigger shadows while being amazed at the little kicking creature inside.

We compared notes on how we felt: our symptoms rarely matched.
She had a far smaller appetite, I gleefully polished off pints of Dreyers Vanilla Bean ice cream with hot fudge topping.
She had back pain and her baby girl stayed low. I had heartburn and my boy preferred my ribcage.

Would you believe the kids now do everything at the same time? May-May squeaks and Itty Bit starts fussing. She gets hungry and suddenly he realizes he's starving. They get fed and fall into noisy sleep simultaneously. And you might as well get two diapers - Lord knows they'll both be wet. It's a conspiracy...