Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Finally... an UN-horror story

You know all those awful stories you hear about having a baby? Bet you most people could find some enjoyable aspects existed in those in-between-catch-your-breath-count-your-blessings moments.Not to say that it's easy... but there's no other challenge more rewarding or fulfilling.

So I made it to 36 weeks... barely.
10 days after the hospital visit, my water broke. It's 7:30am, May 13th - the day before Mother's Day and my birthday.

I don't even have the hospital bag completely packed yet. And I realize that since I'm 4 weeks early, I better find some smaller clothes for the baby. But momma ain't goin NOWHERE without a shower first.

We get to the hospital at 10am. Mom, Dad, sister Ju, and niece Little Jo showed up in short order. I was dilated to a 4 and 80% effaced. I got some quick-acting anti-nausea medicine. My nurse suggested soaking in the tub and WOW was that the best idea ever.

In 2-1/2 hours, I dilated to an 8 with my mom, Mr. Daddy, and friend Gerri by my side. Couldn't ask for better coaches. Got through it all without much more than a "whew" after the bad contractions.

Here's the un-horror story part... no back labor, no throwing up, no hours of pushing, no yelling or screaming or being rude (I asked afterward, haha), no epidural or pain medicine. Simply a lot of blessing, focus and some great support people. Gerri kept me calm. Mr. Daddy made sure I was comfortable. I'm sure Mom prayed me through those contractions. Ju was my ice girl - lots of encouragement and smiles. I caught a glimpse of the in-laws - they are the warmest people you'll meet.

An hour later, I was at a 10 and they got me out of the tub. After a couple pushes, the nurse figured that the IV fluids had made my bladder too full. So they threatened a catheter if I couldn't pee. You never saw me waddle so fast! I got back to the bathroom and tried desperately to pee.

Contractions were non-stop and I was having no luck after 5 minutes. Suddenly I realized that things were progressing and told my mom "he's right there!" She helped me stand and tried to get me back to the bed. After 2 steps I knew there was no way we'd make it. Mr. Daddy raced across the room as I said "he's coming!" He grabbed my arm, mom had the other. The only medical staff in the room was my nurse. Gerri dove with a towel and managed to catch a very slippery Itty Bit.

As unplanned as it all was (the doctor had stepped out - get this - to pee!), God had orchestrated everything beautifully. I was thrilled that Gerri got to catch Itty Bit, and that I was spared hours of pushing. I was grateful to have a wonderful labor & delivery experience.

Itty Bit was born at 3:55pm. Just in time to celebrate Mother's Day, and to be able to say he was born when momma was in her 20's! *grin*


Lisa said...

That is truly an amazing story. And yes, I am still back-lurking on your blog! Something very similar happened with my grandmother. If she were with us she would kill me for telling this. She felt like she had to go, and the outhouse was a slight distance from the house. (Many moons ago.) My grandfather worked for the gas company and God told him to go home. Good old Papaw didn't question or hem haw around, just went home and went straight to the outhouse, just in time for my grandmother to stand up and him to catch my aunt. If my grandmother hadn't heard him and stood up, my aunt would have plummeted however many feet into the ground and possible took my granny's uterus with her. God was watching over them that day, because they both would have surely died. They lived as much in the sticks as you could get, so there would have been no chance of probably anyone even getting the baby out in time at all, and my granny would have probably bled to death. We don't tell a lot of people that story, because my aunt doesn't like it (which confuses me because it shows how God purposefully saved her life that day, but anyway, her issues not mine) but when I read your story just now, I thought, same story, MUCH better situation, you know, no outhouse and in the hospital and all, same great outcome. God stays the same throughout the ages, doesn't he?

Emily said...

That is an amazing story!!! I wish my delivery had been 1/2 that easy! Sheesh. And I know I was rude! Well, I guess only if you count saying, "You, I don't like you, I don't care if you're a midwife, get out!" rude. lol

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