Friday, September 08, 2006

Learning to Play

Itty Bit is now almost 4 months old. We've been doing the Parents As Teachers (PAT) program since he was born. An educator comes into your home and shows you ways to interact with your child to help develop their mind, relationships, and physical abilities.

I'll admit it did sound a bit too groovy upon description at first. And there's a typical "is this for remedial parents?" kind of knee-jerk reaction.

But Gerri (the one who caught Itty Bit in the delivery room - she should get some kind of sporting award) is one of the educators and I felt led to give it a shot. Seemed like God had already put her exactly in our lives at the right moment, and I wanted to see what was next.

And WOW was I impressed. The program allows them to tell you if your child is on track with the things most babies do at their age. She was right on when she said Itty Bit needed more tummy time to strengthen his neck. And again when she gave me some tips to make feeding less painful.
(should this post have been called "In Praise of Gerri"?)

I'm more aware of how Itty Bit is responding to things (to people, to the breeze, to quiet noises). Gerri quickly (and rightly so) knocked my "I've been taking care of babies for years and don't have much to learn" ego out of the way. I'm grateful to be more in tune with my kiddo. Though I still think it's wildly unfair that I'm interacting with him all day and the second daddy's face comes into view: oh the ooh's, the goo's, the silly faces and smiles (from both of them)...

Life is good