Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Stealing Moments

I've not been able to post as often as I'd like. Itty Bit has been growing like a weed and developing more personality by the day.

He's starting to really laugh at things. And you never quite know what will trigger it.
Sometimes it's blowing raspberries and making funny noises at him.
Sometimes it's tickling him.
Well, today was a new one...

Mr. Daddy got silly and showed Itty Bit a mouthful of eggs this morning. Tris thought it was the most hilarious thing he'd ever seen and started cracking up. A huge gummy smile, moon eyes, and lots of baby belly laughs. I got a few shots with the camera before Itty Bit figured out that he'd rather stare at it.

The other new thing is that Itty Bit has suddenly discovered that he has HANDS... and he stares at them with rapt attention. Finally figuring out how to use the little buggers - much to the danger of grandma's necklace and mommy's curls.

Can't wait to see what Gerri has to say on Thursday!