Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Brave Little Soldier

We had 2 appointments at Children's Hospital yesterday. We left before dawn and wound up with a 2 hour drive in traffic.

Poor little guy. Three attempts to get the IV in - the first vein blew. But the sweet kiddo calmed right down after it was done. Then laid swaddled tightly through 35 minutes of radiology imaging.

The doc has ordered an MRI in a couple months. They will need to put him out for it - so it's definitely a time for prayer for Itty Bit and his anxious mama.

We may be looking at surgery in the near future - his kidney may be causing other problems.

But otherwise - he's a healthy and happy kiddo.
Oh yeah... he's 15 lbs, 13 oz, 26" long! We've caught up from the premature size!


Deli Man said...

I hope Tristan is doing ok. I have thought about you both all week. I remember taking Elizabeth in for MRI, EEG's, blood tests, etc. Not the most fun...

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