Monday, December 11, 2006

Health Update

We had 2 appointments last week at Children's Hospital in Seattle. They had to put Itty Bit out for an MRI (talk about trauma for a new mom).
The doctor confirmed that his kidney is still not functioning. It's shrinking like it should, but isn't connected to his bladder properly. They're talking surgery after Itty Bit is 12-18 months old. We can possibly wait longer if he seems healthy otherwise.
Right now I figure that just gives God time to work a miracle.

The little guy was a trooper for being starved half the day for the test. I daresay he charmed a few nurses :o)


Deli Man said...

He sure looks precious and healthy. So glad there is time before he needs an operation - any thing can happen in the next several months. We will pray for little Tristan's kidney to function properly. I too know the Lord listens and answers prayers.

Rachel said...

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