Thursday, November 22, 2007


We have much to be thankful for.

That God has blessed us to live in this free country where we can publicly worship.

For our status as loved children of our creator.

For our families, our friends, our circle of support.

For our homes, for our safe neighborhoods, for schools for our children.

For access to medicine, food, water, shelter, and an abundance of things for comfort.

For jobs and provisions for our family, for luxury of time to raise our children.

For beloved pets and adventures and new experiences.

I'm thankful for all of you.

Have yourself a Happy Thanksgiving

Wednesday, November 07, 2007


What a sweetheart! Kona has spent the last couple of weeks tripping over my mother's friendly dog and staying absolutely motionless when little kids are sitting on her.

We've been taking her over poles in preparation for jumping and are excited to see her responding. I'm currently teaching her how to take a bow :)

We had a bit of a scare a couple nights ago when Tristan decided to take a sip of liquid wax from a jar candle that was on a warmer at a family member's house. Fortunately Amber stopped him from getting too much in his mouth. Poor thing had melted wax all over him. Unbelievably... he suffered NO burns and no lasting discomfort!

He is such a tough kiddo. He just said "hot, hot, HOT" and let us peel all his clothes off quickly. It actually got all the way through both layers of shirts, his pants, and his shoes. Amber is a doll for cleaning out the mess on the carpet. God is GOOD (even when my kiddo is not quite!)

Sunday, November 04, 2007

I've been Tagged!

I was tagged by my friend Lisa - who I still miss dearly.

For those of you who don't know how this works, here are the rules:
A: Each player lists 6 facts/habits about themselves.
B: At the end of the post, the player then tags 6 people and posts their names

Fact #1: I still can't quite figure out my age. I always thought that being a mom would finally make me feel like an adult. Are you kidding me? I'm the crazy girl who still runs her shopping cart fast enough to ride it back to the car... The only difference is that the happily shrieking little kid in the cart actually belongs to me.

Fact #2: I'm not outgoing, but not quite shy either. I'm more intimidated meeting new people due to my hearing impairment. But am quite happy to chat for hours once away from busy noisy places. I enjoy people, but still find that it takes effort on my part to step out of my comfort zone. Kids are great ice-breakers, aren't they?

Fact #3: My guilty pleasure is Top Chef. I so rarely get to sit down and watch anything though... I don't even know who won the most recent season.

Fact #4: I'm a TERRIBLE chef... maybe that's why I like #3 so much :) But I do enjoy baking, and most of the time it's edible.

Fact #5: My secret ambition is to eventually get good enough to possibly do some amateur horse shows. Kona has some jumping experience, so I am still looking forward to getting airborne with her.

Fact #6: I finally feel like I'm where I was meant to be - as far as being settled. It was a long and difficult road to learn a few lessons before being blessed with Tristan. There are days I feel guilt working part time away from him, but I am so blessed to have the ability to be part of most of his waking hours. It is wonderful to have family and friends in our lives.

So... I don't think there were many truly surprising things in my list... what are yours?!?!

I tag: Ah-ma, Bob, Ju, Mike, Amanda, Mike, and Stever

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Here's a peek at the horse we're looking at this afternoon.

He's a beautiful dapple grey - six years old and sounds well-trained.

We are excited to see if he'll be a good trailmate for Kona!

Guess it's true what they say about horses... you can't have just one!

*update* Bogey was not the horse for us. He is a real sweetheart, but a bit too much horse for the little horse-loving kiddos and this big horse-loving kiddo.

His owner is a terrific person and she may have found him a home today! Those were her kids in the picture - cute, huh?

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Look at this Sweet Girl!

The one with four legs, that is! I still can't believe Kona is home and what an affectionate and willing horse she is.

I know I'm biased, but I think she got the best of both breeds... she has that beautiful arab face with a little more length from the saddlebred. She has the kindest eye, and a gorgeous mane and tail (which she carries like an arab, of course :)

We're quite smitten. Our first training session went really well. She has great ground manners and did everything she was asked. Trainer said she's put on enough weight that we can work her as we would a normal horse. So that's EXCITING!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Getting Better

Kona is finally putting some weight on.

Unfortunately, the additional feed is making her a bit "hot", so we're tweaking her diet to keep her sweet personality.

She's very eager to please - once she's saddled, she goes to work and really seems to enjoy herself. We are continuing to find many things that she has been trained for - I doubt we could have afforded horse this well-trained unless God had dropped her into our laps.

Enjoying her and (hopefully) becoming a better rider every day!

Keep us in mind if you know of anyone who is looking to sell a potential buddy for our mellow girl :o)

Monday, October 08, 2007

Day by Day

Well, Kona is improving health-wise every day. She is roaming the pasture and still trying to figure out what those weird-sounding fuzzy things are (sheep).

She worked really well today - gave me the most collected trot yet and let me get away without bouncing my butt into the saddle :o) Here's my first try at posting a video...

We really love this sweet girl and hope she continues to put on weight.

I think we have a little cowboy on our hands... Itty Bit says and signs HORSE constantly. Mr. Daddy taught him how to whinny, and he does it at full volume!

We'll let Kona get a bit more meat on her, then invite y'all to come over for a ride.

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Introducing... Kona

Here she is...

As you can see, she needs a few pounds; but her personality is still there and she's got a beautiful face and coloring.

Tris was up on her bareback within 10 minutes! Sami also got a bit of a ride and has really enjoyed loving on the new horse.

Right now she's very interested in the horses across the street. We hope to have a trailmate for her soon - she's so personable, I worry she'll get lonely. The sheep are petrified of her... we actually saw Jordan Mama JUMP for the first time in years, LOL. Kona will be good as a sheep exerciser :o)

We'll post more pics as she settles in and gets a bit of meat on her. Of course it just started to rain...

Let us know if you know of anyone who needs to find a home for a gentle, well-trained horse. We are looking to buy Kona a friend.

Take care cowboys & gals

Friday, September 28, 2007

it's in the genes

The kiddo feels right at home in his camo. If they made camo diapers somewhere in the universe... Mr. Daddy would probably have his boy wearing them :)

Update: Mama found herself a new four-legged friend to hit the trails with! Kona is a sweet arabian/saddlebred cross who is incredibly BOMBPROOF. Trust me, the 6-year old energetic kid that helped sell her (ie: threw rocks at her, wove between her legs, lunged at her, screamed, etc) could have been killed by an average horse... Then after all that, he got on her bareback and she quietly took him wherever he wanted to go.

She's being delivered tomorrow, so it's been a mad dash to get her tack and stall ready. God led us straight to this gentle and well-trained horse. Golly, she even does tricks! She's just beautiful, I'll post pictures once we get her settled in.

We're still on the lookout for a great trailmate for her so mom & I can ride together. Itty Bit sits quietly in the saddle in front of mom, then cries when you take him off. So maybe he did get something from me after all...

Otherwise, we're enjoying our all-boy kiddo and his many charms (just learned to say his name... does every parent remember that moment?!?)

Love you all - check back soon for pics of Kona!

Monday, September 03, 2007

Boys and their Toys

It's been awhile... the kiddo sure knows how to keep us busy!

Seems like he learns new words and tricks everyday. He consistently says about 35 words and knows about another 15 in sign language.

Some things will probably never change... his favorite toys (in this order) are:

Papa & Ah-ma
Tractors, Quads, Motorcycles - anything that goes VROOM
Other Kids
Phones & Remotes
All things that come on a roll (toilet paper, paper towels, etc).

Doesn't he sound like an incredibly normal kid?

He LOVES to get into the recycle containers and "reorganize" items for us (water bottles in the kitchen drawers, toys in the glass bin, remote control in the garbage...) As I type this, he is opening the kitchen cabinets and relocating the A-1 sauce to his toy bin.

He has recently taken to trying out his "oh my gosh I'm so excited I have to scream" voice in any and all public places. I think the local furniture store hopes not to see us again until he's in college.

He's a pretty agile guy. Very much motorized and has more energy than his mama most of the time. His smile lights up the whole of my heart and his laughter is one of the cherished sounds I can hear.

As for us... we are gearing up for hunting season. Mr. Daddy for an elk, and me for a horse! Only I intend to keep mine far from the dinner table, thank you. Mom and I tried out a beautiful well-trained bay this morning. She was quite a sweetie, with just the right get-up-and-go to keep things on the exciting versus scary side. We hope to know soon whether or not she'll be an addition to our backyard. We're still looking for another horse as well - so mom and I can ride out together. If you know of any bombproof ones... drop me a line :o)

Life is good. God is good. And boy are we thankful for this beautiful Washington weather!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Redneck Babysitting

I don't care who you are... that's funny right there.

Busy Week!

Here's a few shots of our big party last weekend. It was Father's Day, Mom's birthday, and an extended celebration of May-May's 1st birthday, Aunt A's birthday, and Cousin H's graduation.

As you can see, Ju and Murkatroid made good use of the leftover cheesecake in a very delayed revenge smashing.

H & M are ever the photogenic couple :o) Congrats to them both on their graduation!

Happy Birthday dear May-May. We are so glad you have joined our family.

Happy 29th Mom, you look great as ever.

Happy Father's Day Dad - you are the best Papa these grandkids could ask for.

Happy Father's Day Mr. Daddy - pretty crazy having another chance to do it all over again, huh?

And Happy Father's Day to Noel - who just found out the next one will be a girl. Can't wait to meet her.

Itty Bit is learning new words by the day. His current favorites are "BALL" and "MORE". He's getting used to being a noisy fella, and is starting to put his finger to his lips and tell me "shhh!"

We love you all - enjoy the photos and let us know what's up with you.

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Happy Birthday Baby

Amazing that it's been an entire year since the kiddo was that anonymous kicker underneath the huge bump. It's hard to remember what life was like without his goofy grins and cute baby chatter.

I vaguely recall the days when Ducky didn't carry a carseat and 75 pounds of baby gear, when I used an alarm to wake me for work (my alarm now says "mama" at 3am), when I didn't have to wash sweet potatoes out of someone's hair or spit-up out of mine, when my reading time didn't include "sneetch" or "lorax", and when I didn't have to worry about someone licking the sliding glass door.

But I wouldn't trade a minute of it. Very much the content mommy & wife. How did I get so blessed?
The party was great - on Mother's Day - so it was a big celebration. Ju made the amazing cake - she's incredibly talented!
(oh yeah... he took his first 2 steps on his birthday! Then another 8 at Grandma & Grandpa G's house!)


We're back. We had a great 10 days in the sun & surf of Waikiki & Kona. Tris wasn't crazy about the "real" water - preferred the pool to the waves. He did enjoy the sand and local eatin' though!

Our adventures included an injury-laden snorkeling trip, playing with the geckos, feeding the eels, watching spinner dolphins at play, standing at the windiest point of the U.S., and many wonderful meals.

We got up close and personal with a bunch of sea tutles, needlefish, angelfish, and all kinds of brilliantly colored sealife.

We had a great time with Dave & Pam - many thanks to them for showing us the local wonders. Hope to return when Tris is a bit older :o)

Love to all

Saturday, April 28, 2007

3 teeth... and counting

The kiddo has 3 toofsies and working on a few more. Got the first two in normal fashion, then went for an eyetooth... go figure.

He's pretty well-mannered about biting, but don't tempt fate :o) Daddy calls him his Little Venus Flytrap.

We are WAY past the crawling stage. He scoots so fast to anyplace he can grab something to stand up with. The kitchen is full of drawer handles that were put there apparently just for this purpose. So all our sharp things are a wee bit higher - though he still manages to injure himself with the occasional bonked head or smashed finger. He cruises along the furniture and adores anyone who will hold his hand & let him walk.

His new buddy is "Doc" - Grandma & Papa's black lab pup. Great motivation for his language skills. He now says "pup" and "dog".

Along those lines...
(ta da!)
He has said his first two words together.
You would not believe what they were.
Mommy changed his diaper and went to throw the wet one away.
(drumroll please)
And the kiddo repeated "pee pee dido" much to the astonishment of daddy & mommy.
Guess it could have been worse - but it sure was a shock!

Two weeks till the big ONE! Hard to believe it'll be a year since the kiddo barely escaped being dropped on the hospital floor during delivery. And this is one lucky little monkey. He gets to go with us to Hawaii to celebrate.

We are doing well. Keeping insanely busy and enjoying the sunshine. We love living close to Papa and Grandma and having a bit more room to spread out. The flowers are blooming and we have garden fever.

Drop us a line and let us know how you are and we'll make plans to do some serious bbq'ing this summer (well, BOB will do the cooking, I'll do the rather useless prep and cleanup *grin*)

Thursday, March 22, 2007

10 months old and counting...

Sheesh... where does the time go?

We officially have a crawler now. He's been getting pretty good at it the last couple of weeks. He's had to learn quickly in order to avoid the enthusiastic licks of Grandma and Grandpa's new puppy.

He has two little chompers now - and he delights in demonstrating their use on unsuspecting fingers.

He's got the "bye-bye" thing down pat. It's adorable to watch him wave, first with his whole arm, then with his hands. He knows how to sign "want" - especially where food is involved. If you're eating something he wants (which is like, always), he'll pretend to chew and wait til you give him something. But you gotta be quick, or the "want" sign comes right out, along with the "um, um, um!"

So far his sign language vocabulary includes: dada, mama, papa, grandma, sleep, want, more, play, run, eat, apple, pancake, bath and a few others I'm forgetting.

We head back up to Children's Hospital in a couple of weeks - hopefully we'll get a definitive answer on surgery soon.

Our little miracle is doing great - we are blessed. Drop us a line and catch us up on how your families are doing :o)

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Leaps & Bounds

Our life has been a continuation of the whirlwind...
Funny how we can pray about something, but we better be ready to jump on it when God answers! And sometimes it's the most unlikely answer.
I ran into a friend who casually mentioned that her sister was looking for a place to rent in our neighborhood. Long story short, we quickly came to an agreement that she would rent OUR place!
So we moved out and turned the place over to her. We're now officially landlords (with mounds of boxes to unpack here!)

As for the little guy... he's growing daily and SO ready to crawl! His first tooth decided to say "howdy" to us yesterday. So it's been a few milestones at a time! He loves to say da-da and when someone leaves, he'll say "a-duh" for bye-bye.

Here's a recent picture of him in the towel basket.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Our little punk

Check out the hairdo on this kid! It's finally filling in, but he can still definitely pull off the rocker look.

This kid gets more active every day. Seems like he gets LOUDER too. Many times it's just squeals of delight as he's playing, but he's doing an awful lot of those "da-da" things. He's growing like crazy and really flipping himself around. Still no teeth yet. Hope to get a picture of Madi soon - she's got a couple cute little toofsies that she uses to gnaw on everything.

Please forgive me if I don't find time to post much lately. The house has officially been rented out starting next month! So it's off to Bob's place we go. We hope to build soon - so that will consume much of our sparse free time.

You know those stress tests that ask you about any recent big changes in your life? Geez, how do you calculate getting married, having a baby, moving, moving again, building a house, building another house (not necessarily in that order)? Not stressing too much - just along for the ride (and hanging on for dear life).

Much love to our friends and family - hope to see you all more in this new year.