Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Our little punk

Check out the hairdo on this kid! It's finally filling in, but he can still definitely pull off the rocker look.

This kid gets more active every day. Seems like he gets LOUDER too. Many times it's just squeals of delight as he's playing, but he's doing an awful lot of those "da-da" things. He's growing like crazy and really flipping himself around. Still no teeth yet. Hope to get a picture of Madi soon - she's got a couple cute little toofsies that she uses to gnaw on everything.

Please forgive me if I don't find time to post much lately. The house has officially been rented out starting next month! So it's off to Bob's place we go. We hope to build soon - so that will consume much of our sparse free time.

You know those stress tests that ask you about any recent big changes in your life? Geez, how do you calculate getting married, having a baby, moving, moving again, building a house, building another house (not necessarily in that order)? Not stressing too much - just along for the ride (and hanging on for dear life).

Much love to our friends and family - hope to see you all more in this new year.