Thursday, February 22, 2007

Leaps & Bounds

Our life has been a continuation of the whirlwind...
Funny how we can pray about something, but we better be ready to jump on it when God answers! And sometimes it's the most unlikely answer.
I ran into a friend who casually mentioned that her sister was looking for a place to rent in our neighborhood. Long story short, we quickly came to an agreement that she would rent OUR place!
So we moved out and turned the place over to her. We're now officially landlords (with mounds of boxes to unpack here!)

As for the little guy... he's growing daily and SO ready to crawl! His first tooth decided to say "howdy" to us yesterday. So it's been a few milestones at a time! He loves to say da-da and when someone leaves, he'll say "a-duh" for bye-bye.

Here's a recent picture of him in the towel basket.