Saturday, April 28, 2007

3 teeth... and counting

The kiddo has 3 toofsies and working on a few more. Got the first two in normal fashion, then went for an eyetooth... go figure.

He's pretty well-mannered about biting, but don't tempt fate :o) Daddy calls him his Little Venus Flytrap.

We are WAY past the crawling stage. He scoots so fast to anyplace he can grab something to stand up with. The kitchen is full of drawer handles that were put there apparently just for this purpose. So all our sharp things are a wee bit higher - though he still manages to injure himself with the occasional bonked head or smashed finger. He cruises along the furniture and adores anyone who will hold his hand & let him walk.

His new buddy is "Doc" - Grandma & Papa's black lab pup. Great motivation for his language skills. He now says "pup" and "dog".

Along those lines...
(ta da!)
He has said his first two words together.
You would not believe what they were.
Mommy changed his diaper and went to throw the wet one away.
(drumroll please)
And the kiddo repeated "pee pee dido" much to the astonishment of daddy & mommy.
Guess it could have been worse - but it sure was a shock!

Two weeks till the big ONE! Hard to believe it'll be a year since the kiddo barely escaped being dropped on the hospital floor during delivery. And this is one lucky little monkey. He gets to go with us to Hawaii to celebrate.

We are doing well. Keeping insanely busy and enjoying the sunshine. We love living close to Papa and Grandma and having a bit more room to spread out. The flowers are blooming and we have garden fever.

Drop us a line and let us know how you are and we'll make plans to do some serious bbq'ing this summer (well, BOB will do the cooking, I'll do the rather useless prep and cleanup *grin*)