Thursday, May 31, 2007

Happy Birthday Baby

Amazing that it's been an entire year since the kiddo was that anonymous kicker underneath the huge bump. It's hard to remember what life was like without his goofy grins and cute baby chatter.

I vaguely recall the days when Ducky didn't carry a carseat and 75 pounds of baby gear, when I used an alarm to wake me for work (my alarm now says "mama" at 3am), when I didn't have to wash sweet potatoes out of someone's hair or spit-up out of mine, when my reading time didn't include "sneetch" or "lorax", and when I didn't have to worry about someone licking the sliding glass door.

But I wouldn't trade a minute of it. Very much the content mommy & wife. How did I get so blessed?
The party was great - on Mother's Day - so it was a big celebration. Ju made the amazing cake - she's incredibly talented!
(oh yeah... he took his first 2 steps on his birthday! Then another 8 at Grandma & Grandpa G's house!)