Sunday, June 24, 2007

Redneck Babysitting

I don't care who you are... that's funny right there.

Busy Week!

Here's a few shots of our big party last weekend. It was Father's Day, Mom's birthday, and an extended celebration of May-May's 1st birthday, Aunt A's birthday, and Cousin H's graduation.

As you can see, Ju and Murkatroid made good use of the leftover cheesecake in a very delayed revenge smashing.

H & M are ever the photogenic couple :o) Congrats to them both on their graduation!

Happy Birthday dear May-May. We are so glad you have joined our family.

Happy 29th Mom, you look great as ever.

Happy Father's Day Dad - you are the best Papa these grandkids could ask for.

Happy Father's Day Mr. Daddy - pretty crazy having another chance to do it all over again, huh?

And Happy Father's Day to Noel - who just found out the next one will be a girl. Can't wait to meet her.

Itty Bit is learning new words by the day. His current favorites are "BALL" and "MORE". He's getting used to being a noisy fella, and is starting to put his finger to his lips and tell me "shhh!"

We love you all - enjoy the photos and let us know what's up with you.