Sunday, September 30, 2007

Introducing... Kona

Here she is...

As you can see, she needs a few pounds; but her personality is still there and she's got a beautiful face and coloring.

Tris was up on her bareback within 10 minutes! Sami also got a bit of a ride and has really enjoyed loving on the new horse.

Right now she's very interested in the horses across the street. We hope to have a trailmate for her soon - she's so personable, I worry she'll get lonely. The sheep are petrified of her... we actually saw Jordan Mama JUMP for the first time in years, LOL. Kona will be good as a sheep exerciser :o)

We'll post more pics as she settles in and gets a bit of meat on her. Of course it just started to rain...

Let us know if you know of anyone who needs to find a home for a gentle, well-trained horse. We are looking to buy Kona a friend.

Take care cowboys & gals

Friday, September 28, 2007

it's in the genes

The kiddo feels right at home in his camo. If they made camo diapers somewhere in the universe... Mr. Daddy would probably have his boy wearing them :)

Update: Mama found herself a new four-legged friend to hit the trails with! Kona is a sweet arabian/saddlebred cross who is incredibly BOMBPROOF. Trust me, the 6-year old energetic kid that helped sell her (ie: threw rocks at her, wove between her legs, lunged at her, screamed, etc) could have been killed by an average horse... Then after all that, he got on her bareback and she quietly took him wherever he wanted to go.

She's being delivered tomorrow, so it's been a mad dash to get her tack and stall ready. God led us straight to this gentle and well-trained horse. Golly, she even does tricks! She's just beautiful, I'll post pictures once we get her settled in.

We're still on the lookout for a great trailmate for her so mom & I can ride together. Itty Bit sits quietly in the saddle in front of mom, then cries when you take him off. So maybe he did get something from me after all...

Otherwise, we're enjoying our all-boy kiddo and his many charms (just learned to say his name... does every parent remember that moment?!?)

Love you all - check back soon for pics of Kona!

Monday, September 03, 2007

Boys and their Toys

It's been awhile... the kiddo sure knows how to keep us busy!

Seems like he learns new words and tricks everyday. He consistently says about 35 words and knows about another 15 in sign language.

Some things will probably never change... his favorite toys (in this order) are:

Papa & Ah-ma
Tractors, Quads, Motorcycles - anything that goes VROOM
Other Kids
Phones & Remotes
All things that come on a roll (toilet paper, paper towels, etc).

Doesn't he sound like an incredibly normal kid?

He LOVES to get into the recycle containers and "reorganize" items for us (water bottles in the kitchen drawers, toys in the glass bin, remote control in the garbage...) As I type this, he is opening the kitchen cabinets and relocating the A-1 sauce to his toy bin.

He has recently taken to trying out his "oh my gosh I'm so excited I have to scream" voice in any and all public places. I think the local furniture store hopes not to see us again until he's in college.

He's a pretty agile guy. Very much motorized and has more energy than his mama most of the time. His smile lights up the whole of my heart and his laughter is one of the cherished sounds I can hear.

As for us... we are gearing up for hunting season. Mr. Daddy for an elk, and me for a horse! Only I intend to keep mine far from the dinner table, thank you. Mom and I tried out a beautiful well-trained bay this morning. She was quite a sweetie, with just the right get-up-and-go to keep things on the exciting versus scary side. We hope to know soon whether or not she'll be an addition to our backyard. We're still looking for another horse as well - so mom and I can ride out together. If you know of any bombproof ones... drop me a line :o)

Life is good. God is good. And boy are we thankful for this beautiful Washington weather!