Sunday, September 30, 2007

Introducing... Kona

Here she is...

As you can see, she needs a few pounds; but her personality is still there and she's got a beautiful face and coloring.

Tris was up on her bareback within 10 minutes! Sami also got a bit of a ride and has really enjoyed loving on the new horse.

Right now she's very interested in the horses across the street. We hope to have a trailmate for her soon - she's so personable, I worry she'll get lonely. The sheep are petrified of her... we actually saw Jordan Mama JUMP for the first time in years, LOL. Kona will be good as a sheep exerciser :o)

We'll post more pics as she settles in and gets a bit of meat on her. Of course it just started to rain...

Let us know if you know of anyone who needs to find a home for a gentle, well-trained horse. We are looking to buy Kona a friend.

Take care cowboys & gals

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lilivw said...

I am excited you found your horse! Sounds like the perfect fit for your family - hope you enjoy her!