Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Here's a peek at the horse we're looking at this afternoon.

He's a beautiful dapple grey - six years old and sounds well-trained.

We are excited to see if he'll be a good trailmate for Kona!

Guess it's true what they say about horses... you can't have just one!

*update* Bogey was not the horse for us. He is a real sweetheart, but a bit too much horse for the little horse-loving kiddos and this big horse-loving kiddo.

His owner is a terrific person and she may have found him a home today! Those were her kids in the picture - cute, huh?

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Look at this Sweet Girl!

The one with four legs, that is! I still can't believe Kona is home and what an affectionate and willing horse she is.

I know I'm biased, but I think she got the best of both breeds... she has that beautiful arab face with a little more length from the saddlebred. She has the kindest eye, and a gorgeous mane and tail (which she carries like an arab, of course :)

We're quite smitten. Our first training session went really well. She has great ground manners and did everything she was asked. Trainer said she's put on enough weight that we can work her as we would a normal horse. So that's EXCITING!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Getting Better

Kona is finally putting some weight on.

Unfortunately, the additional feed is making her a bit "hot", so we're tweaking her diet to keep her sweet personality.

She's very eager to please - once she's saddled, she goes to work and really seems to enjoy herself. We are continuing to find many things that she has been trained for - I doubt we could have afforded horse this well-trained unless God had dropped her into our laps.

Enjoying her and (hopefully) becoming a better rider every day!

Keep us in mind if you know of anyone who is looking to sell a potential buddy for our mellow girl :o)

Monday, October 08, 2007

Day by Day

Well, Kona is improving health-wise every day. She is roaming the pasture and still trying to figure out what those weird-sounding fuzzy things are (sheep).

She worked really well today - gave me the most collected trot yet and let me get away without bouncing my butt into the saddle :o) Here's my first try at posting a video...

We really love this sweet girl and hope she continues to put on weight.

I think we have a little cowboy on our hands... Itty Bit says and signs HORSE constantly. Mr. Daddy taught him how to whinny, and he does it at full volume!

We'll let Kona get a bit more meat on her, then invite y'all to come over for a ride.