Wednesday, November 07, 2007


What a sweetheart! Kona has spent the last couple of weeks tripping over my mother's friendly dog and staying absolutely motionless when little kids are sitting on her.

We've been taking her over poles in preparation for jumping and are excited to see her responding. I'm currently teaching her how to take a bow :)

We had a bit of a scare a couple nights ago when Tristan decided to take a sip of liquid wax from a jar candle that was on a warmer at a family member's house. Fortunately Amber stopped him from getting too much in his mouth. Poor thing had melted wax all over him. Unbelievably... he suffered NO burns and no lasting discomfort!

He is such a tough kiddo. He just said "hot, hot, HOT" and let us peel all his clothes off quickly. It actually got all the way through both layers of shirts, his pants, and his shoes. Amber is a doll for cleaning out the mess on the carpet. God is GOOD (even when my kiddo is not quite!)