Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The difference between Mommies and Daddies

Hey y'all... it's Itty Bit!

It's my first post and I'll tell ya a little bit about something that drives Mommy nuts.

See, sometimes she sweet-talks Mr. Daddy into giving me a bath so she can get some time in without me driving Lightning McQueen all over her arms and onto her keyboard (like I ever do that... hmpff!)

And Mr. Daddy is lots of fun to hang out with...

So off we go and Mommy gets to blog.

Fifty-seven seconds later Daddy sends me out soaking wet and I go hug Mommy.

Mommy loves the hug (but I don't think she liked getting all wet), and hollers out to Mr. Daddy, "Hon... it's not a race, he actually likes playing in the water..."

So, the next evening Mommy gives me a bath. It's time to show off my mad skilz! (Yeah, this took slightly longer than fifty-seven seconds...)
~ Huh? What are y'all doing in my bathroom?
I'm just gonna ignore you
Oh it's like that, huh?
Alrighty you... come on in. Yeah, that's right. YOU!

I wanna give you a big dripping hug!

Let's start off with a groovy face

Then count with your fingers... ONE, TWO!

Time for the Vulcan greeting!

Then impress Mommy by making up some sign language
(sticking your tongue out while concentrating is most important!)

Then throw in some funky dance moves... rockin' out to Toby Keith!

What's that?

It's a bird?!

It's a plane?!

It's my Superman impression!


Thanks for joining me for my bathtime fun... see y'all later!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Remember me?

two of the little ones getting reacquainted on Christmas Eve at the In-Law's.

I think they're all of five months apart and were a joy to watch as they showered eachother with baby kisses.


Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Catch-up

We had a crazy week at work where Mr. Daddy has been acting supervisor, then a sick kid, getting snowed in, getting rear-ended, dealing with snow damage, trying to keep a couple horsies warm, and oh yeah, Christmas.

I gotta say... it was a strange one this year. It was a bit surreal to get the call on Christmas Eve that our family gathering had been cancelled. For the first time in my life, I would not be spending it with my extended family. My uncle had run into a ditch twice with his 4x4 attempting to get his family there, so we knew better than to head out that direction.

Admittedly, there was a part of me that was sad - but the whole scenario reminded me that it wasn't about a DAY. And it isn't even about the people we are with. Not even our loved ones or family.
It is about acknowledging a very personal gift in the form of an innocent baby.

Several years ago I was invited to dance at a Christmas Eve service. I was all set to go with Welcome to Our World by Chris Rice - beautiful and simple lyrics.
As I drove there, a recent article I'd read popped into my head.

It was about a family who had a very sick child. One that would die without a bone marrow transplant. They'd had no success in finding a match, and had made the decision to attempt to conceive another child who could be a match and save the older sibling's life.

The human side of me thought it was such a clinical-sounding decision.
The value of that new baby was just to help another child?

And on that cold winter night as my car pulled into the church parking lot in front of their lit Nativity display... I realized that God had made that decision for us.

He sent a baby. The only one in the world who would have the right blood type to save us. The only one who could heal us and give us life.
Only He knew that it would cost everything.

If it does not leave you speechless to understand truly - that the Creator of the universe saw fit to do that for YOU... I can only think it is too big to grasp - like it is for me. You and I were, are, that important to Him.

Yes; this post is a bit belated, but sometimes God has other ideas about timing. After all, it isn't about a DAY. And it still is about Him.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Why I need a new gun (as stated by a co-worker)

Well I must start out by stating that Rach doesn't deserve it. But: She completely earned this post :o)

It all started out on Monday, Our anniversary.. (O happy day) :o)

If you all don't know we have been inundated with snow here in the GR8 PNW! not so unusual in the mountains and foothills of our beautiful state. But not so common here in the lower-lying areas. And we all had to adjust our life styles accordingly.

Instead of the overhand, butterfly, or breaststroke style of getting around, we had to learn the snow angel flutter, and slip and slide mode of transportation.

Now Rach and I had made plans to let Itty Bit stay at Ah-ma's and PaPa's on Sunday and stay the night (first time ever) so we could go away for a night. As you can imagine with the roads and travel restrictions, we made the choice to not go :o( which is alright we had a gr8 day together, and enjoyed our time with Itty Bit.

Well Monday Morning dawned bright and snowy, er! and my wonderful mother-n-law called, and told us about the tree incident at Grandma Carol's house. And asked that at some point could I stop by and look to see if there was enough damage to contact the insurance company. Then offered to keep Itty Bit for the day so we could at least go to lunch, and spend the day together. (what a nice lady she is) :o)

Rach and I talked it over and thought that, that would be a great idea... So plans were made and put into motion, is it any great surprise that nothing worked out the way we planned??? We had agreed to meet at Grandma Carol's to check out the tree incident, and for Rach to play camera detective with her new Christmas gift, (to get pics for posterity) LOL!!
We had been there for a while, and my cell phone, (with the neat camera in it) rang, It was Ah-ma.. Yep! stuck in the snow. She had made it all of 10 feet, and that was after shoveling for awhile. She needs a lift kit and some Monster Mudders on her Pacifica. (*note to self* talk to PaPa bout
that.) So off to Ah-ma's we go. After much pushing, digging and shoveling and shoving we got 'er back to her original parking spot.

Now as she had been snow bound for a couple of days she had some errands that she was going to run with Itty Bit. Rach and I looked at each other, and said just get in the car and go with us. You can keep the wild one entertained at lunch.....LOL

So off to lunch we go, Now I know that to most it would not seem a very romantic day, and to say the least it wasn't. But it did have a certain Norman Rockwellness to it!!!! LOL and there are memories in it that no one will ever take away from me. :o) After lunch we took Ah-ma to the library, (she had some books to drop off) then a couple of other quick stops, with her protesting all along, "you don't have to drag me around all day.. Just drop me off at Ju's, PaPa will pick me up there." She had mentioned earlier that she needed to go to the grocery store, so I said it's on the way no problem. After more haggling, I just take the liberty to pull in to the store. *evil grin*

Now to the meat of the story: the grocery store is just across the street form one of my favorite store, now I didn't plan this at all ( I know that you all will think so, but really I didn't) And as Rach hadn't bought my Christmas gift yet, Ah-ma said that she would take Itty Bit with her and we could go and get my present.

I have been drooling over a 1911 45 auto pistol for over a year, And Rach said that I can have it for my Christmas present.....(what a gal) So off we go for our 30 minute romantic interlude to the Sportsman's Warehouse, to shop for a gun. (ON OUR ANNIVERSARY) I love this gal :o)

(the picture and poem I opened on Christmas morning)

Now we get to work on Tuesday, and Rach comes back to the supervisor's office to get some info on a bill that she is paying, and I overhear her telling Darron all about her very romantic getaway to Sportsman's Warehouse to buy a gun for me. Now you just got to know that she was painting me to be an ogre of tremendous proportions, for dragging her to such an evil place, to buy such an unlikely present, (ON OUR ANNIVERSARY)

SSSSsssOOOoooooo!! Being the Redneck ogre that I am, I just naturally had to come to my own defense....

Starting out with being drug out of my bed at an ungodly hour of the morning to check on a tree at Grandma Carol's, then off to dig out my beleaguered Mother-n-law and put her car back, to HAVING! to drag her around to lunch, (ON MY ANNIVERSARY) to the LIBRARY, to the STORES, to get a few things, to the GROCERY store so her and PaPa wouldn't starve, to dropping her off at Ju's.

Darron looked at Rach kinda wide-eyed and stated:

*now I know why he needs a gun*

(maybe I overstated a little?)

Gas to drive Ah-ma around: $5.00

Lunch: $38.51

1911 45 auto: $ 674.12

Look on Rach's face: Priceless

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A Christmas Miracle

We've been buried in snow.

In a terrific amount of the white stuff.

We've been freezing and slipping and sliding and living with the blessings and challenges of it for the last week.
And in my little-kid-from-California part of me, I am SO loving the thought of a real white Christmas.
The horses are NOT fans. They're wondering what happened to their usual wet, but temperate winters.
Of course Christmas preparations have been a bit difficult considering that much of our shopping has been curtailed by icy roads.
But it seemed far less important when we got a call, then went to my Grandmother's house to see for ourselves...
Just a bit of background:
My grandmother is not your average apron-clad-cookie-baking-stay-at-home woman.
She is a fantastically adventurous globetrotter who has been in business for herself for decades and is too young to quit now.
Instead of chocolate chip cookies, I got a Grandma who came to school as my Show & Tell and regaled the awestruck class with her stories of Egypt.
Instead of a mailed birthday card, I got to spend two weeks with her in Denmark.
And instead of getting her freckles or brilliant red hair, I got her Irish independence.
(with her girls, my mom is on her lap)
I don't know where this post took a turn to telling you as much about this woman that I dearly love... but the scene at her house made me profoundly grateful for big and small miracles...

You see - a tree fell.

A big one.

It crashed from the neighbor's property, through her fence. across her backyard, onto the roof, then broke off and fell to the ground.

She was sitting a few feet away.

Within a matter of degrees, our Christmas could have been far different.

God is in the details.

The snow load cushioned the hit to the roof... and it is hard to believe how - but not even the glass is broken where the tree had to have been.

It sits in her backyard still... awaiting the extended family who will surely draw the same sharp breath I did when they see just where that angel stood.

God is good.

All the time.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Not Me Monday!

It’s Not Me Monday again! And while I’m trying to be timely with this… I may not get back to the computer for a bit if the roads are safe tomorrow. See… it’s our anniversary! And after Mr. Daddy hit that last post out of the park (don’t y’all see why I love that man?), I know he deserves a post of his own. That’s coming… just wanted to throw out the brutally honest list of Not Me’s for this week and spend a little extra time on his.

Not me who went to check on the kiddo in his crib before hitting the sack myself. Not realizing he was still awake… in the pitch black room I wouldn’t have went to lay my hand on his back.

It was not me who gasped in surprise as I smacked him soundly across his face. What on earth was he doing STANDING UP? Totally quiet (okay well, lots of things are totally quiet for this deaf chick, but he was totally still!). I just could not figure it out! Not me who felt totally bad after that… mean mom, mean mom.

It was not me who changed my kid on the floor of Panda Express. Come on now… all public places have changing stations, right? And if they’re wondering where two rolls of paper towels went… it was not me who used ‘em three deep across the floor and prayed my kid wouldn’t wiggle his way to the tile. (So, so, SO gross, but there wouldn’t have been an alternative while stranded with the snow).

It wasn’t me who turned my back for a few minutes to bake some cookies and returned to find this:

Yes, that's NOT his first self-portrait done entirely on his hand with marker.

Not me who was a total weenie about the snow and successfully begged Mr. Daddy to drive me to work every day the past week. And if it DID happen, it was only because I have been petrified of scary driving conditions since Ducky got wrecked.

And it wasn’t us who got rear-ended this weekend :( And it wasn’t me who actually felt worse for the remorseful teenaged driver than I did for my messed up bumper. It wasn’t Itty Bit who spent the rest of the weekend saying “BIG BUMP!”
(I was nice enough to not say “I told you so” to Mr. Daddy about being scared to drive).

Sure wasn’t me who ate like my metabolism was like my teen years today… Mr. Daddy’s fresh salsa and chips for lunch, a Mountain Dew, pistachio cookies… and now I’m hungry again.

It wouldn’t have been me who blogged about her kiddo yelling something that sounded an awful lot like a not-nice term for a body part… in the store, with a million holiday shoppers around. Because that wouldn’t go far in convincing y’all that our lives never have embarrassing moments.

So… where are your embarrassing Not Me’s?

See MckMama's for more!

And Merriest CHRISTmas!


Well I guess it's my turn for a rebuttal?

All I can say in my defense, is it was a very good book!!! :o)

And what I really want to discuss is this, this being the eve of our anniversary and all. I thought I would take the opportunity to proclaim how wonderful Rach is.

I'm not saying that she is perfect, Just perfect for me. :o) and that being blessed with having my best friend in the whole world as my wife, Well, what could be better than that.

Here are just a few things that I love about her:

1: I love how she challenges me, and makes me want to a better man.

2: I love how even with her hearing disability, she sings. (which makes my heart sing with her)

3: I love how she loves Itty Bit.

4: I love how she loves God and wants to do his will.

5: I love her giving heart.

6: I love how she loves my family and how my family loves her.

7: I love how smart she is. (it is challenging at times :o) but I love it)

8: I love her beauty, both physical and spiritual.

9: I love her sense of humor.

10: I love that she gets me and loves me in spite of it.

11: I love her family and how they have accepted me into it.

I guess I could be at this all night, maybe we should just accept the fact that I love everything about her, and wish her happy anniversary..

I love you Rach: and I thank God for allowing you to be a part of my life :o)

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Timing is Everything

Hey Friends!
Wanted to check in and clarify a little something about Mr. Daddy's last post...
You might have noticed he has a penchant for the melodramatic? Mr. Daddy was in no threat of sleeping on the couch (my toes are far too cold to let him venture that distance).
The volume thing was nothing.
What was something... was the Itty-Bit-sized fit the grown man threw when I asked him to come help me wrap gifts.
Ladies, I know I'm not the only one.
We do the decorating, the baking, the cooking, the shopping. Carefully choosing things that we hope will truly delight the recipient. Hoping to find something personal and meaningful to them. Spending time to create the perfect sentiment.
And I'm guessing a whole lotta us do the Christmas cards singlehandedly...
So... I asked for a bit of help.
He was busy.
reading a book he said.
Sure hon - "great excuse". C'mon, gimme a hand, pretty pleeeease?
After much whining and batting of eyelashes - the neanderthal (his words) shut his book, plopped next to me and grumpily grabbed the nearest roll of wrapping paper. Which by the way, is the same stinkin' never-ending roll I bought 2 years ago and just can't seem to run out of.
After a couple of "helpful hints" - I noticed that there was two large chunks cut out of the roll with a skinny piece down the middle that was 14 feet long. The two large pieces had become 15 tiny unusable pieces, while the two gifts that were wrapped (you guessed it) weren't quite covered.
Thanks for trying :)
And in the afterglow of our quality wrapping time, he decided to blog that last piece. So you can imagine his frame of mind then...
Did I mention that?
Anyway... this is gonna be a marathon one, because I'm just now getting to the story behind the title:
We bought Itty Bit's nephew (remember Cutie Left from the vid?) a little Thomas the Train set for Christmas. Of course Itty Bit thought it was for him and we kinda had to sneak it around.
Well... Itty Bit is no dummy. He figures "Percy" the train is in that box. So the entire time in the store, he is howling:
We get to the checkout stand and the poor employee is clearly embarrassed. Think about it for a second... "Percy" might be a bit tough for a 2-year old to say. And it might sound like something else mightily inappropriate to be yelling in Krogers.
Oh that's not all... he begins to wail:
Hold it PERCY!
Me do it PERCY!
By then Mr. Daddy is trying to distract Itty Bit and saying, "yeah... "PUSH IT", you're saying "PUSH IT?"
We make our red-faced exit from the store with our sad little guy.
At home - he just won't forget about the little green train.
So he comes up to Mr. Daddy and says:
Mama blue car-car. Open it PERCY. Get it PERCY. Want PERCY.
Itty Bit thinks we need to traipse out in a foot of snow to recover Percy from Mama's car. Uh-oh.
So I finally tell the little guy, "Mama will get you Percy, we'll go to the store in a bit and get you Percy" (I only sound like a pushover in the retelling).
Itty Bit looks me straight in the eye (remember how he talks, okay? Not quite at the full sentences stage yet), and says:
I will pay for it.
Since when does he know how the whole "exchange currency for toy" thing works?
I was completely convinced that I totally mis-read his lips.
Until Mr. Daddy goes quiet. Then turns to me and says, "I could have sworn he just said he'd pay for it..."
Sure 'nuf.
He said it again to Grandma on the phone. At least he's not asking her to buy it for him.

I'm a little sad to tell him that Krogers doesn't take his currency of hugs and kisses.
Did I just say that?!?!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Go Figure!

So Rach and I are talking: We have been facing some challenges in the work place :o)
And as I become very animated when goaded into a frenzy, I guess maybe my voice had raised and octave or three,

But hey, I am married to a mostly deaf girl right???

So you can imagine, (a little understanding here people would be greatly appreciated) my total surprise when Rach looked at me and tapped her hearing aid, and with a stern frown stated: You don't have to yell.

Well being a male Neanderthal type, and lacking the finer skills of understanding the gentler gender, I felt that it was the perfect opportunity to segue into my melodious imatation of Dory from the Finding Nemo movie......

DDDDDdddddddOOOoooooooooooooo YYYYYYYYYyyyyyyOOOoooooUUUUUUUuuuuuu SSSssssPPPPpppEEEEEeeeeAAAaaaaKKKKKKKK

We just bought it for Itty Bit a couple of weeks ago and it has become his New favorite movie.
and in my own defense, I have been subjected to a steady input of Audio, and Visual effects, from Nemo and company. Looking back on it she is lucky that I didn't break into:
Mine! Mine! Mine! mine!mine!mine! Mine! MINE!

Anyway in my little world that I call reality. I thought that she would respond with!!!!


Well,,,,,, Let me tell you that THAT didn't happen!! and looking back at it from this angle I'm quite fortunate that I didn't spend the night on the couch. ( her nickname at work isn't Buffy for naught)

After much groveling and a horrendous amount of repentance. I have once again gained Nirvana, and that spiritual enlightenment that is called marital bliss.

(ps: if you haven't been subjected to the movie, this won't make one lick of sense)

Life is good.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

New shots

I'm loving this new camera... sure, I can still take the same dorky shots, but I'm getting luckier and luckier. (I don't think I'd get any luckier or unluckier with a Nikon, Stacy :)

Here's what happens when your horse sees the curtains move and thinks you're coming out to give her a treat:

Here's what happens when she realizes you came out with a camera.

And a quick clarification... the new header was actually taken in March with Itty Bit's first real snow experience. It was actually one of the shots that was a motivator to get a better camera (we call that dumb luck around here). And yes, Jaime, we did use it for our Christmas card! Thanks again to Stacy who cleaned it up for us and really made it pop!

Here are a couple from today... with Itty Bit trying to taste the snowflakes, of course :)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Mercy Said No

I've been meaning to post this for awhile...

Our friends at A Place Called Simplicity are (as I type) working their way home from Uganda with their two new children.

They've been blogging about their journey and the word mercy came up. Immediately I thought of this song. It's by Greg Long - written from a phrase that stuck with him at church one day.

I've heard it probably hundreds of times by now... danced it at dozens of events and for the singer himself. And I have to say, it is still the song that chokes me up and makes it difficult to concentrate on ballet steps or sign language.
The message is powerful... life-changing if you let it be.

Have you ever wished that someone loved you like this?

(turn up your speakers and start the first song on the playlist to the right)
I was just a child when I felt the Savoir leading me
I was drawn to what I could not understand
And for the cause of Christ, I have spent my days believing
That what He'd have me be is who I am
As I've come see the weaker side of me
I've realized his grace is what I need
When sin demanded justice for my soul
Mercy said no
I'm not gonna let you go
I'm not gonna let you slip away
You don't have to be afraid
Mercy said no
Sin will never take control
Life and death stood face to face
Darkness tried to steal my heart away
Thank you Jesus
Mercy said no
For God so loved the world that He sent His Son to save us
From the cross He built a bridge to set us free
Oh but deep within our hearts there is still a war that rages
And makes His sacrifice so hard to see
As midnight fell on crucifixion day
The light of hope seemed oh so far away
As evil tried to stop redemptions' flow
Mercy said no
I'm not gonna let you go
I'm not gonna let you slip away
You don't have to be afraid
Mercy said no
Sin will never take control
Life and death stood face to face
Darkness tried to steal my heart away
Thank you Jesus
Mercy said no
Now when heaven looks at me
It's through the blood of Jesus
Reminding me of one day long ago
Mercy said no
I'm not gonna let you go
I'm not gonna let you slip away
You don't have to be afraid
Mercy said no
Sin will never take control
Life and death stood face to face
Darkness tried to steal my heart away
Thank you Jesus
Mercy said no

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Not Me Monday!

It’s Not Me Monday again! As hosted by MckMama and her charming kids.

This week it was not me who woke my kid up from his nap because I couldn’t resist the bubble wrap that came with my most recent Etsy purchase…

It was not me who was confused by the pink baked treats a coworker brought in. Not sure if they were cherry or not, it was not me who caught myself before inhaling a major dose of powdered sugar and thought, “Self, you just narrowly avoided a coughing fit and another Not Me Monday episode”.
While smugly heading to my car with the treat in my hand, it was not me who then proceeded to drop it down my shirt, down my coat, and across both front seats of my car in a big powdery explosion. Do you have any idea how hard that stuff is to clean, people? Thank goodness it was not me, eh?

Sure wasn’t me who asked my sister to get her kiddo out of school so we could start a craft day earlier. And said sister most certainly did not bring over the little juvenile delinquent.

It was not me and Mr. Daddy who pretty much confirmed our status as unsophisticated folk by confusing the poor employee in the wine section by trying to spell what we were looking for. Neither of us can pronounce it as of yet… (hey… before you laugh too hard, go back and see
the post and try it for yourself! Then let us know how to say it!)

It was not me who turned around to realize that Itty Bit was snuggling under the Christmas tree,
using the skirt as a blanket.

Okay… pretty tame week, right? Go check out what everyone else has not been doing this week!

Of course that's what it's for...

I thought something looked a little off. Turns out I was right.

Here's our Christmas tree... after the fact.

Notice she's a bit under-dressed?

Yeah... Itty Bit got busted taking a rest underneath all the lights and ornaments.

Checking it out:

Getting cozy:

Grabbing a nighttime bottle for a whole sleepytime routine:

Let me be clear...

Don't expect me to post any other pictures of our little guy wearing a skirt!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

LAS something

A friend at Land of K.A. posted recently about his transformation from a beer guy into a wine aficionado.

Mr. Daddy has his doubts that he'll develop a taste for the more sophisticated fermented beverages... So, after reading
this post , Mr. Daddy and I stopped in the wine section of our local grocery store.

First came a moment of total intimidation as I stared down three double-sided aisles of bottles bearing names such as "FISH EYE", and "FIRST DOG" (I kid you not... our governor's dog as his own label. Isn't that illegal or something?)

Then came terror as my imagination took over and I envisioned plowing through an aisle with my 2-year old gleefully grabbing at bottles and squealing as they hit the floor.

It didn't help that a clean-up crew was headed for a spot at the end of the aisle where a woman had just upended her Starbucks cup.

All I could picture was an $182 bottle of wine puddled there instead of her $4 latte.

Thinking it would help narrow down the selection, I looked at the section signs. I stood baffled before the line of them:


They all sounded like foreign piano masters.

I don't know what I was looking for? Some flashing sign with an arrow that said:

I was lost and I knew it.

The store employee did too. He kindly offered to help Mr. Daddy and I.

And the manly man who staunchly refuses to ask for directions, surprised me and engaged the guy.


Bear with me: the conversation went something like this:

Store Guy: Can I help you find something in particular?

Mr. Daddy: Well, our friends have this blog, you know?

Store Guy: Blog?

Mr. Daddy: Yeah, a blog. You know, a website?

Store Guy: Okaaaay.

Mr. Daddy: And they recommended some wine.

Me: We're not real wine-drinkers.

Store Guy: Yeah.

Store Guy: What kind of wine did they recommend?

Me: (panicking, looking at the signs for some tiny familiarity) I don't know.

Mr. Daddy: It started with "LAS".

Store Guy: "LAS", huh?

Me: (Stifling a HUGE laugh)

Mr. Daddy: And another one was B E A U J...

Store Guy: Okay, I know what you're looking for.

So... we got home and Mr. Daddy said, "you gotta take a picture of this to show them". So I grab the bottle, and my sweet new camera and go to work.

Here it is:

About four shots later (the camera, not any alcohol), Mr. Daddy grabs the bottle and starts cracking up.

Yeah... it's the Safeway Select brand of sparkling cider. Uh-huh. We're made of money. I'm not even gonna tell you how long that thing's been hanging out in our fridge.

So I start all over with the REAL wine and Mr. Daddy said I have to post it to prove to our K.A. friends that we spent more than $10 for a bottle of whine wine.

And the verdict? I had about half a glass before I was done. I am totally unsophisticated, I know. And if I have a drinking problem, it's name is Hazelnut Latte. We tried... honestly guys, we tried.

I think it would take some coaching and fun conversation with someone who knows more than we do. Doesn't company make everything just a bit better?

So... are you guys coming up here, or are we hanging out at your place? :)

Friday, December 12, 2008

Is it me?


Let's say I get this awesome new camera.

Like UBER-TERRIFIC new camera

and I'm all excited to start taking better pictures.

Would you get a complex if all your subjects started doing stuff like this?

Like I've said before (and I'm sure I'll say again), it must be genetic...

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

mini Guitar Hero

Itty Bit loves Mr. Daddy's guitar.

He loves to dance while Daddy plays, and Mommy loves the smiles on both of their faces.

Recently he's decided he'd like to play too...

Here's how our last musical evening went:


Hey Daddy, I'll fight you for the pick!

Ah-ha! I wrestled it away and am running in circles.

Oh wait, Daddy still has the guitar.


Oh yeah, I got mad skilz.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Not Me Monday!

It’s Not Me Monday again!

Man do I feel a bit sheepish posting this week… y’all are gonna think I’m some crazy person.

This week, it was not me who realized that we’d accidentally parked in a handicapped spot. And upon realizing the guy next to us was staring at me suspiciously, it was not me who suddenly developed a pronounced limp.

(Okay… cut me a little slack here, it’s not much of stretch to think that I would limp anyway with my back wrecked like it is…though I gotta say it did mightily confuse the 2-year old kiddo I was hauling on my hip.)
It wasn’t me who got frustrated when Itty Bit unwrapped a present twice (yeah… a little early). He was headed to a Christmas party for another Santa encounter. I wouldn’t have said to him:

Honey, you gotta wait for Santa to give that you first. See, Mommy’s gonna give it to Santa, then Santa’s gonna give it to you. That’s the secret honey, I just ruined it for you”.

That would make me a mean mom.
It wasn’t me (or my sister) who ran after one of the law enforcement guys after the above party, yelling “CONE, CONE!” when he hit an orange one and proceeded to drag it out of the parking lot. It was not me (or the same sister) who laughed uproariously when he just looked confused and drove off. He’s gonna feel awful silly when he gets home or pulls someone over on the way.
After a friend’s birthday celebration at a REAL go-kart racing track (I mean helmets and neck protectors and the whole deal), it was not me who fishtailed just a bit at the first turn back on the REAL road. I’m a responsible driver, dadgumit! (Before you panic, No, Itty Bit was not with me).
It was not Itty Bit’s two hearing-challenged parents who were oblivious to the flood that he was creating at the bathroom sink. It was Itty Bit’s parents who stepped on the wet carpet and soaked several towels mopping it up.
And lastly… in a rush to read Linny & DW’s blog for an update on their miracle children, I did not do this:

I would never be so crazy to think about checking it first thing in the morning… before coffee… that would make me a blog-stalker or something…

(yes, I do realize I would have been feeling a bit of a breeze had I gone outside like this... and I really hope this will be the last buttcheek crack. Crack? Oh man I didn't mean that!)

Go check out what everyone else has not been doing!

as told by Itty Bit

This morning Itty Bit spent some groggy wake-up time on the couch while I snuggled next to him and we talked about our plans for the day.

I told him he would get to go to a Christmas party with Papa and Grandma and Santa would give him a present (a Thomas the Train toy I had already wrapped... it got unwrapped twice before we left. Don't ask).

He knew what was in the package (first mistake), so he began talking about trains.

Itty Bit: Thomas!

Mommy: Thomas the Train?

Itty Bit: Yeah... stuck in the mud.

Mommy: Thomas got stuck in the mud?

Itty Bit: Yeah

Mommy: What happened?

Itty Bit: Pull him out.

Mommy: Oh, his friends pulled Thomas out of the mud?

Itty Bit: Yeah... hallelujah!

Mommy: (unsuccessfully trying to cover major giggles)

Mr. Daddy: You've been spending too much time around Grandma!

Scary Santa

Okay... so I hugged a reindeer. It was totally innocent.

What you didn't see was Itty Bit glued to my right side in terror while I tried to talk him into a group hug. No way Jose...

Seriously, look at the lower right corner and you'll see the edge of his jeans. That kid was holding on for all he was worth. High-fiving the furry creatures is one thing. Getting hugged is out of the question... look at him leaning away:

So we head over to see Santa. Not just any Santa, but SIGNING Santa.

Who is a super-cool dude that comes around to visit with kids who are hearing-impaired, have deaf family, or communicate with sign language.

Itty Bit does not think this is a super-cool dude. With memories of A Christmas Story dancing in my head, I watch his reaction...


Umm, Mom, why am I sitting on this guy's lap?
(and yes, this was the best shot of the night, unfortunately)

Santa was perfectly friendly, but I'd be a little nervous around a guy dressed like that too.

He's poking me in the cheek Mom. Is that supposed to make me smile?
(Love how he looks like he's contemplating biting Santa)

Then he tries the leaning trick again, even after a candy cane bribe.
If I don't look at you, will you go away?

Ok, dude... we need to have a little chat about personal space.

One of the elves finally made a comment about the evil eye he was giving Santa and at this point we gave up - amongst the loud laughter of people in line behind us who were enjoying the scene (yes, deaf people love to laugh out loud! :)

A BIG thanks to Cindy who coordinated this whole successful evening and to the Marine Corps Toys for Tots program who was so generous.

(Truly, Itty Bit had a blast... just not in those few Santa moments).