Monday, February 18, 2008

Horsing Around

Here are some pictures and vid from today!
Mom on Kona Amber on Cassie Me on Kona Mr. Daddy on Kona

Good Golly we had fun today!

We took Cassie and Kona out to our place and let them run around and be horses for awhile.

Taylor rolled out the barrels and we found out just how fast Cassie is.

We knew she was a gaming horse... but holy smokes we didn't know just how talented she was. She'll do barrels by herself - totally pushbutton even with a kid on her back.

Giver her any idea that you want speed and she's off like a bullet. You'd never guess her age - and she sure looks like she's having fun. When I pulled her away from the barrels, she decided to slide me around the truck as fast as she could. You literally have to tuck your feet under her tummy to escape contact.

Got my Valentine's Day present a little late - a pretty Circle Y saddle... yeah, I'm a lucky girl.

I held Mr. Daddy to his promise that once we got the horses to our place he'd get some saddle time. It was only a couple minutes, but he got on Kona for a bit and looked like a regular rodeo cowboy.
Taylor on Cassie - cantering for the first time