Sunday, March 16, 2008

My One and Only!

Thanks for tagging me Lisa. Here goes!
What is his name? Mr. Daddy

How old are you? If you know us well, you already know this one...

Who said I love you first? Mr. Daddy

How long did you date? Friends for 10 years, officially dating about a year.

How old is he? You'd only care if you knew us well... but then again I guess you wouldn't care much if you did know us well! haha

Who can sing better? Mr. Daddy! :o)

Who is smarter? He is definitely the one with common sense and know-how. He figures stuff out easier than I do… though he leaves the money stuff to me.

Who does the laundry? I usually do. But he gets to the outdoor chores *grin*

Who does the dishes? Usually the one who didn’t cook.

What are his guilty pleasures? Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia, fishing, and I strongly suspect that his outside projects that require heavy equipment are far more fun than work…

Who sleeps on the right? Me

Who mows the lawn? Mr. Daddy (with some equine help).

Besides you, who is his best friend? His Dad, David, Greg?

Who cooks dinner? In the summer it’s all about Mr. Daddy and the BBQ – he’s King of the Grill. I cook as often as he can stand it. I really regret missing the opportunity to take those cooking classes with Lisa!

Hardly anyone got sick last time I cooked!

Who drives? Mr. Daddy. Lots easier to have a conversation with a deaf person that way… LOL

Who is more stubborn? No good can come of this question! We’re both pretty stubborn. Mr. Daddy’s usually pretty mellow, but he knows how to stick to his guns when it counts. Thankfully Tristan is pretty easygoing!

Who kissed who first? Mr. Daddy kissed me.

Who asked who out first? We just kinda ended up at a neverending chat over coffee while waiting to visit a sick friend.

What was your first date? See above – it was coffee, coffee, and more coffee.

Who proposed? Mr. Daddy. With the moonlit lake in the background, a dozen roses, and his beautiful family heirloom rings.

Who has more siblings? Him (though his wonderful sisters live TOO far away, and his brother frequently puts me in a headlock).

Who wears the pants in the family? Mostly Mr. Daddy… but I’ve been known to make life miserable until some decisions get hammered out :o)

What are your favorite things about him? Just a few?

He’s optimistic and cheerful – just what I need every morning and on rough days.
He’s capable and confident – exactly what I needed after the recent car accident.
He’s thoughtful and really listens to people.
He can fix anything... though he's terrified of clipping Tristan's fingernails, LOL
He spends hours playing with Tristan - especially on the "aktor".
He makes a point of enjoying the best of moments.
God has a call on his life and it’s so evident in how he interacts with people.
He has a special touch and can make a friend out of any acquaintance.
Sure doesn’t hurt that he’s my kind of Handsome (dark hair and light eyes), and he makes the cutest kids.

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Fun to learn more about Bob Rachel!