Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tractor Boys

I'm sure this is somewhere in the fine print of THINGS NOT TO DO WITH YOUR NEW BIRTHDAY TRACTOR...

but come on, isn't it cute? Before anyone worries too much, there were about 4 adults within arms reach of the kiddos and they were both (safely) having a blast.
Hey, at least we didn't let him crawl into the front bucket and get dumped!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Before and After

Remember Kona when we first got her?

Check out the sweetheart now...!

Doens't she look so much better?
Look what 8 months of groceries can do for a trusting horse.

We love her more every day. She rides best bareback and you can get on her with absolutely nothing (not even a halter or leadrope). She's truly an incredible gift from God.

Come on out and give her a ride!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Terrific Twos?!

Hooray for Itty Bit!

He turned TWO YEARS OLD this week.

And he has decided he loves to say "birthday"... like a million times a day.

Will try to post a video of him on his special day. It really has nothing to do with his birthday, but is hilarious. I have no idea why he says his grandmother's name this way. It makes no sense whatsoever, since he says other things with an "L" just fine. I think he got such a funny reaction the first time he said it, that he repeats the goofiness each time.

And yes... I do happen to think he's got the cutest little tush on the planet! :o)

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Pause Please

Is it any wonder I love this kid so much? I mean, I'd love him even if he wasn't this cute, but gosh darn does every mother think their kid is insanely irresistible? This is what I get to see everyday. Sure, there are some tantrums and frowny faces (you gotta give him some credit, he's a week away from turning TWO), but there are so many "hold-onto-this-moment" times that I can't keep up.

He still likes company when falling asleep. And it's hard to resist when he scootches up to a pillow and pats next to him and pleadingly says "down?" Especially when you know the next step...
He'll pull your arm around his tiny little chest and snuggle close until his cheek is against yours. He has this great little baby vanilla breath and downy soft hair. Sometimes I honestly forget to breathe while taking it in. It's so easy to appreciate the miracle he is.
If he's not too tired yet, he'll entertain himself quietly and it's so amusing to get a peek into his little mind. He starts to sign words... and adds sound effects where appropriate. Usually it starts with a "pairplane" (airplane) whirling above his head in a circle... which of course needs the "neeeeerrr" whine sound. If that doesn't get a reaction, random words are next: "tractor", "daddy", "vroom vroom", "dough" (wood), "hot hot", "side" (outside), etc. Which is his way of telling you he wants to go outside on the tractor with Daddy to push the wood into the hot fire.

Waking up times are just as sweet. He smiles when he sees you walk into the room. He's slow to get out of bed and often he will say "hug" and reach for you and pull you close to himself. Then is the same pat and "down?". He'll grin and say "morning" back to you. Then his newest trick is absolutely endearing... "story?"

Many of my favorite memories of my childhood are my mother's stories. I'm not nearly as gifted; but until my little boy realizes so, I will gladly fill his sleepy mind with his favorite things - tractor, bike, dog, horse, May-May, and pairplane adventures.

I feel it keenly that these days are passing quickly and I am slowing myself down long enough to genuinely enjoy being his mother.

I have many wonderful examples of the results of quality/quantity time spent with children. My mother, grandmother, Lisa (whose children I enjoyed vicariously and still miss), and many other incredible moms. Thank you for being in my life and Happy early Mother's Day.