Saturday, June 28, 2008


I've been hitting up some other mommy blogs and getting some great advice. So I thought I'd venture out and ask for some suggestions on our specific challenges...

As you may know, our "healthy as a horse" little guy only has one kidney and may need surgery on the functioning one someday. As such, the kidney specialists have really emphasized fluid intake. Itty Bit is still in the *lovely* stage of intentionally dumping any cup or bottle of water within reach. If he decides to take a swig, you get a free donation of whatever else was in his mouth as well.
I was unprepared for the third degree I got from his pediatrician recently because he takes a bottle to get to sleep. He's only on soymilk or watered-down apple juice and it's confiscated as soon as he conks out. He has had no ear infections and his teeth are brushed regularly and look great.

So my executive mommy decision was that getting liquids into him was more important than the risk of things we've had no problems with to-date.

I tried substituting a slow flow nipple (Nuk) and he looked at the funny shape and handed it back to me, saying "broke" :) After much coaxing, he finally took a drink and handed it back again, and with all the disdain a 2-year old can muster, pronounced it "BABY". I have no clue how he knows it's a newborn nipple, but it's still downright hilarious to me.

Anyway - we gave up the Nuk - since it turned him off from drinking at all (rather than convincing him a cup was easier). Sippy cups are a total pain because the leakproof thing is a joke and his one aim in life is to disperse all contained liquids on any absorbent item in the household. He's doing a bang-up job so far.

Forgive the longwinded post - would love to hear any suggestions of how you ensured your kids got enough to drink without making huge messes...!


Lindie said...

I also agree with you. If the bottle encourages him to drink the most liquids I wouldn’t worry about it. Personally, I think that’s more important.

But, here are a few suggestions that come to mind to get him to drink more…

Try putting ice in the sippy cup. Not only does it make it more fun but it gives him more liquid as it melts!
I also noticed that not all “spill proof” sippy cups are the same. You may want to try a different style?
Have you tried using straws? Amanda really liked those silly straws that twist all around which makes drinking more fun.
You can try making juice popsicles in your freezer! This is the perfect time of year!

Best of luck! Let us know how it goes!

Rick said...

I've got a suggestion. Get your pediatrician to watch him at night. And be sure to give him the third degree each morning after you get a good night's rest.

Rachel said...

Thanks for the suggestions Lindie!
He's been a popsicle fanatic for awhile, but I still have had NO luck so far finding a spill proof sippy cup. We have five different kinds in our cupboards *sigh*

He loves the straw thing, but believe-it-or-not, the pediatrician doesn't like that option either. Apparently sucking is not the same as SIPPING - which I guess is wildly important for some unknown reason for a two-year old?

Thanks for the advice!! He does love ICE by the way - so that was a great idea.

Rachel said...

No kidding Rick... just gotta kinda pick your battles!

Thanks for stopping by the blog!

Ice Cream said...

I had to worry about this with my son when we were trying to stop his bedwetting (how to keep him hydrated without letting him drink after 6pm). We made water a requirement for everything. Want lunch? Drink three sips of water. Want to watch a movie? Drink 2 sips. Want to go outside? 1 sip. Etc. It was much easier to use the cup without spilling when it was just a few sips here and there. And occasionally we would have chugging contests or fun drinking games. Oh and before giving juice or soda we always fill our kids cups with a bit of water that they have to drink to make room for the juice. Hope this helps. Such a pain, I know.

Rachel said...

Thanks for the advice!!! I'll have to use the "sips" as payment for his tractor toys hostage situations...

Just have to make it super clear that he needs to sip rather than dump... *sigh* It's always SOMETHING, isn't it? And I only have ONE!!! You're amazing!