Monday, June 23, 2008

Good News

Here's a very tired, brave boy.
We had a long day at Children's Hospital - between the driving and three appointments.
Here's the news... the kidney specialist wants to see us back in six months. His faulty kidney has shrunk beyond measurement, and his good one is compensating and growing. There is some swelling and his blood pressure was originally too high. So those are both things they want to keep an eye on.
The surgeon doesn't need to see us for another couple of years unless his status changes. WOW!!! What an answer to prayer! He looks great, and otherwise has been healthier than any of the other kids he's been around.
Let me tell you how proud I am of this little guy:
Waking up early then getting dunked in a lukewarm bath and strapped in a carseat isn't a great way to start a two-year old's day. He rolled with it.
Spending 2 hours on the road in traffic after your first naptime bottle runs out is no fun. He rolled with it.
Being held down while someone squirts cold gel on your tummy for an ultrasound isn't a blast. He rolled with it.
Stuck in waiting room after waiting room STILL without a nap by lunchtime is almost enough excuse for a meltdown. He rolled with it.
After your third exam, saying "all done" and heading for the door doesn't stop the dreaded words: "blood test and urine sample". He rolled with it.
Here's the really amazing part.
He's a brand-new two years old. More than halfway potty-trained (pretty much by himself). After a long car ride and soaked diaper, he earned his Big Boy status by peeing in a cup.
And that blood draw? Mommy got to hold him and inwardly grieve that she had to restrain him through another painful thing. He winced as the needle went in, said "OUSH!" and didn't fight it. Didn't even cry. Have no clue how this kid came out of me... (ask my mom the "getting her blood drawn" legend).
When it was all over, he picked a blue bandaid and promptly forgot about it.
He's my hero.


Lindie said...

What an amazing little boy, and an answer to prayer. I'm so happy for you all! Kudos to Tristan for his outstanding cooperation!

Ice Cream said...

He totally deserves a medal of honor! You should see my kids just getting a vaccine.

He sounds like a wonderful little man. I hope he got a cookie or something special that day.

lilivw said...

I truly believe that Heavenly Father prepares our children for their circumstances. Elizabeth was always so good with all her blood draws and just sat still on the chair while they tested her. What a blessing!