Wednesday, July 09, 2008

my ankles are cold

I know I shouldn't complain...

There are plenty of other places to live that are currently experiencing a heat wave or storms or or some kind of weather calamity.

But I know I looked absolutely ridiculous when I arrived at the office this morning.

I'll spare you a picture, but I'm sure your imagination could fill you in...

I'm sick of being cold in the mornings and too warm in the afternoons. So I had enough foresight to layer up this morning. Would you believe it was shiveringly FOGGY whenI left, yet HEAT WAVE warm 5 hours later?

Well, my layered ensemble consisted of capri pants and a t-shirt. I opted for my favorite brown tennies without socks. My much-loved brown shirt finally ripped so my only other kinda coordinating warmer layer available was my Christmas parka vest from my dear better half.

Getting the picture yet?

My ankles froze all the way to work, and then it was still too cold. So I was forced to display my incredible trend-setting outfit to my smirking coworkers all morning long.

By the time I was headed home, parka was off, A/C was on, windows were down, hair was up, and I was wondering why on earth I hadn't worn a tank top...

But I'm still not moving to Arizona!


Lindie said...

Oh my gosh, Rachel, this is so funny! What a visual image you created! I can totally relate.

Rachel said...

See, I knew someone from this area would understand the weather dilemma!