Friday, July 11, 2008

Recovering Grump


(I think we'll forego Christmas presents this year and just take him to a construction site).

It's been a bumpy week.

Tris has a stubborn cough that leaves him gasping at times. But at least the fever has not returned, and he has more energy. Oh wait, is that a good thing???

Took him to the park today and he ran.

And ran.

And ran some more.

We don't need fancy playgrounds, just a big huge place to run.

Was I ever like that? Not needing to be entertained, but simply caught up in the simple things I could do? Like stand on my own, put one foot in front of the other, arms pumping madly between alternate giggles and breaths of fresh grass?

I recently read another post from a blog that inspires me daily
(The Best Days of My Life)
- about the difference between boys and girls.

Well, if she's missing some BOY time, she can get a taste of it right here:

Boy: A noise with dirt on it...

This video just cracks me up. Sorry if it's inordinately funny only to me, but the kiddo just went nuts in the patch of dirt. And that's the SHORT version!


Ice Cream said...

"Boy: A noise with dirt on it..."
LOVE this! So true. I've always said that boys don't need toys, they need acreage.

Anonymous said...

Oh im expecting my first boy, does that mean i have this to look forward to? I cannot wait :)

Rachel said...

Love the quote about boys needing acreage. And yes... most little guys are pretty big on energy and the whole running thing :)