Thursday, July 03, 2008

Spoken too soon

After Children's pronounced Itty Bit such a healthy little guy last week, I kinda assumed we were on the usual track of blowing raspberries at most of the bugs that go around.

I was so wrong.

Our kiddo has had a runny nose for a couple days and hasn't been keen on eating or drinking. Poor guy woke up from an afternoon nap yesterday with a hoarse throat and croupy cough. Not good, I thought.

Then within an hour he was burning up and had a temp of 103.5. Even worse.

The final straw came when he stood up and projectile vomited across the entire distance of our coffee table. That's it.

We got the specialist on the phone and were instructed to haul him into Urgent Care (by then it was after 9pm). The specialist had called ahead and ordered a urine sample to rule out infection. Grandma met us there and Itty Bit refused to let go of her.
We had decided beforehand on a united front of "no catheters".
(Based on a previous experience where the same medical facility told me he needed to be catheterized. I refused the repeated attempts to convince me that it was best for him to the point of even having to turn away the nurse who came in with the catheter kit. She sighed in relief and said "oh thank goodness, I've never had to do one on a baby before"!!!! A little patience and they had their urine sample and we escaped without the risk of hurting him or introducing bacteria into his body.)

We told the medical staff upfront - "no catheters".
"Okay, we'll see if we can get him to give us a sample".
The kiddo hadn't been drinking well for the last 24 hours - his fever was burning all his fluids. He honestly tried, but had nothing. He tolerated the Pedialyte popsicles pretty well and took sips of juice. But by midnight, you could tell the docs were running out of patience.

They came in and said it was not cost effective to have 6 people waiting around for a little boy to pee. They said we could either catheterize or go to the hospital.
So... off we went to the hospital. With the goofy specimen bag still attached to him. The kiddo wanted to fall asleep and was super clingy. We got to the hospital and I was relieved to see a former classmate was on duty.
We sat down to wait and I-kid-you-not. Within 5 minutes of our arrival, the kid peed. After 2 hours of waiting... of course the bag was all folded up so the pee went everywhere (mostly on me).
In the meantime, I get the bag off him, change his pants, throw a clean diaper on him and ask Daddy to take the bag to the front desk and ask for another one. Right then a bloody emergency walks in so we get bumped. Within a few minutes, I realize that Itty Bit has a wet diaper. Dang it... I can picture another 3 hour wait.
My former classmate looks skeptically at the amount left in the first bag but sends it to the lab anyway. A sweetheart of a nurse comes in and puts another bag on him and we are left to wait again. Finally, around 2:30am, we are told that the original sample was enough and there are no signs of infection. YAHOO!
Kiddo was still feverish and had finally fallen asleep. Strapped him in and went home to crash at 3am.
It's been a heck of an adventure the last 24 hours. I know we got off easy - he's 2 years old and this is the first time he's puked or had a fever.
In spite of being frustrated and exhausted last night, I am still grateful for the good results. Still grateful that we have the ability to find medical care this close to home. And grateful for small miracles like Super Classmate on duty. Grateful yet that he is feeling better enough to say "help Daddy" and out outside to push dirt back into the fence holes that Daddy has just dug.
What do you have to be grateful for today?

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lilivw said...

So glad everything worked out well! I got on your blog after many weeks and was pleasantly surprised by all the posts!

I am grateful for my precious children who are adventurous, kind, unique and home for the summer to have all sorts of fun with me. I am grateful for a loving and kind husband. I am grateful for such great friends.