Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Things We Do

So I got to thinking…

About the things we do for our kids.
Things that would have seemed silly to us pre-parenthood, but now only seem odd to our single friends.

What prompted this inner conversation? The fact that two mornings in a row, I’ve bundled up my sleepy boy into the car and driven off into the sunrise.


The first time I realized the sunshine was right in the kiddo’s face and prompting his eyes-squeezed-shut-I-don’t-wanna-wake-up-yet look, I started waving my arms trying to figure out where to block it.

Yup… other drivers on the highway had to be wondering what the crazed girl in the eastbound lane was waving frantically at.

I found it.

And the only way I could keep the slumbering babe’s face in the shade was to hold my right arm straight out at shoulder height. Which, post accident-that-totaled-two-vehicles… just isn’t very comfortable for me anymore.

By then, the other drivers I’m sure were wondering what the crazed girl in the eastbound lane was doing with her arm stuck straight out like that.

But it gave the kiddo a few more minutes of sleep – and admit it; you know as well as I do that those last few minutes are the best, just the best.

This goes right along with the foreign language that seems universal to new parents. The “ooh, boogy boogy boo, mmm mwah!” standards. My grandmother is the queen of this endearing trait. No one’s name is safe… I loved hearing the answering machine message from her: “Paula-wallaAA-bipooOOoo. Are you there? Paula-wOOOalla-bip-beeEE. Walla-walla-woo-hoOOO!”

And the careful rituals honed by many a sleep-deprived mommy.
Perfect lighting (bathroom nightlight with the door slightly cracked)
Perfect white noise (only the fan on the lowest setting, exactly 5 feet from the crib)
Perfect bottle (whole milk heated for 26 seconds with 2 drops of real vanilla)
Perfect blanket (blue and white plush “Bluey”)
Perfect bounce (side step, bounce bounce, side step, bounce, bounce)
Perfect escape maneuver (slide shoe onto baby’s back in place of your hand)

Anyone remember those days?


Lindie said...

I had to laugh while reading your post!

I remember when Ryan was a baby my mother stayed in the car while I went into the store. When I came back out she had hung a map in the car window. Maybe people thought I was just really lost.

The silly things we do... I'm sure there are LOTS of them once you sit and think about them. :-)

Rachel said...

That is hilarious! After awhile it starts to seem almost normal! :)

Cara said...

Oh, I so can relate. I have a 2 year old and an 4 month old. I have and still do perform the rituals. I also have developed rotator cuff tendonitis from my contortionist acts to keep the sun out of their eyes in the car!