Sunday, August 31, 2008

Catch Up

I've seen a lot of these going around lately. So I'm guessing everyone else is as busy as we've been and throwing together random posts :)

We took a week off, but it was still hard to get everything done.

Mr. Daddy worked on the new stall/feed room addition for Kona:

(this is actually Cassie, who wandered over to see what was what up)
We went to the zoo:

(okay, this part creeped me out... mute your speakers and watch the video. The walrus seriously looks like it's talking - insert your own conversation!)


We braved the crowds at Sand In The City:
(Itty Bit's favorite superhero... Lightning McQueen, vroom Vroom!)
Another insane sunset or two:

And apparently my kid is growing up quick.
This is the scene as I was getting ready for bed the other night
(hence the no makeup, sorry)

He wasn't sure about his first glimpse. But trust me, he quickly realized shaving cream is messy and decided he loved it.

Can you say L-A-U-N-D-R-Y?


Jaime said...

I bet he'd love shaving cream on the table. I used to teach in a Bible study and sometimes we'd just play with shaving cream in the beginning of the class. Just a blob on the table can keep them busy for a long time. It cleans up easily and it makes the house smell clean and fresh. :-)

Stacy said...

Oh, it's just one of many reasons we are glad to have laundry machines and not do it manually like the olden days, right?? Boy, have I been there! He certainly looks like he is lovin' the shaving cream. Adorable!

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