Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Counting the Days

Check this out if you get a chance... it's a personal interest story that can make you feel grateful.

To save your life, would you give up one of your senses? I imagine the average person would. But it really makes you think about the quality of your life, and what you are grateful for (or take for granted).

Not to say that one is worse or harder than the other; but it is an especially difficult thing to learn to live with deafness, after you've had the gift of hearing.

It sounds like she is doing a terrific job finding her way and her music. What would you do?


Ice Cream said...

When I was little I used to wear a blind fold, or tie down one of my arms, or wear my dad's earplugs all day long to try experiencing such "handicaps." It is amazing what you can when you have no choice.

Stacy said...

A friend of mine experienced that last year. She had a brain tumor, which they removed, but it caused her brain to swell. This resulted in her loss of vision at 35 years old. She could have died so many times, so her loss of vision was minor to the fact that her family and friends could have lost HER.

Jaime said...

I watched her video and read the story and just cried with her. I know it's a given that someone would choose life over the loss of one of their senses, but what a hard situation. She's strong. I think she will "do it well" or whatever phrase she used in her story.