Sunday, August 31, 2008

An Exception

So, you guys already know that Itty Bit is usually all about anything remotely boy-ish, right? Loud, muddy, or with wheels usually qualifies.
Mr. Daddy is the self-sufficient type who enjoys hobbies along those lines. Itty Bit saw him outside today and just freaked out. Wanna take a wild guess what this was all about?

Yes, I realize I am a bad mom for taking pictures rather than rescuing and comforting him. But he'd been carrying on for 10 minutes and refused to be calmed. He was truly upset, but wanted to watch the entire thing from the back door and tell me "BIG BOW" over and over again. Here's what he was talking about.

I don't get it... it's probably the quietest and least crazy of the boy activities...?


Sara said...

I don't get it either, Rachel. My husband just got a bow this summer and it is about all he can think about.....besides his car. I catch him on the internet searching for accessories for his bow. He goes every Wednesday to practice with it now. And last night, he was watching a video about bow-hunting....BORING. I just caught one little snippet and it about put me to sleep. If figure it out, will you let me in on the secret?

I LOVED the pictures of Tristan and all of his expressions! I am so glad you got those--they are great. I am the same--I would be taking pictures of something like that rather than comforting my child. :)

Also, regarding your previous look great without make up. I wish I looked that good going to bed....really! Sound like you did some fun activities.

Hope you have a great Labor Day!


Mrs.Naz@BecomingMe said...

He is adorable. ANd what a wonderful blog you have here. I am so glad you "Delurked" so I could meet you.

Stacy said...

Really?? He was upset at that? Well, you never can tell why they get upset .

My mom and dad are currently bow hunting for Elk in Montana. ;)