Thursday, August 07, 2008

I promise

I haven't dropped off the planet... it's just been a bit hectic lately.

We've been showing the house and praying that God places the perfect tenants there. We're in a period of some big decisions and a lot of wishing for hand-holding rather than exercising faith (at least I am, anyway).

Here's the deal. We aren't rich. We have this rental almost by accident. It was built when we were pregnant with Itty Bit and in a hurry to find a place before he made his (early) entrance.

It's never been where we wanted to end up (Mr. Daddy firmly believes that you should not be able to lean out of your kitchen window and spit on your neighbor's).

Anyway - it served us well and our first renter kind of fell into our laps at the right time. As you know, it's a sucky time to sell, otherwise we'd probably be putting it on the market. We lost money on it every month while renting anyway.

As it is, we've met some great people in the process of looking for new renters.

I have a more interesting post planned soon, I promise. I'm just waiting on a couple more pictures before throwing it all together.

But I wanted to leave you with this...

Kona is coming home!

At long last, my beautiful horse will finally be outside my window. My parents have graciously kept her at their place for many long months while we got the fence up. Kona has totally bonded with them and I have a sneaking suspicion that even my dad will miss the affectionate girl.

This is like Christmas for me. I am so excited to be able to ride more often and let her hang out with friends a bit bigger than sheep. Of course that would mean I need a trailmate, right? Right Mr. Daddy?


This picture is significant because my sister isn't overly fond of horses (yeah, I know, HUH?) But even she has fallen for Kona - and I think Kona is enjoying the moment just as much.

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