Saturday, August 09, 2008



Of charges leveled, I must speak out!!!! (even if it is from time out) Yes I did ask my precocious little one for a high five. But, you must hear the (Rest of the Story).

As most of you know, Mommy is legally deaf. which means that with the help of a hearing aid she has some hearing in her left ear. She really is an amazing person, with the help of the hearing aid, and an acute ability to read lips, (bad for Mr. Daddy at distances) she functions in the hearing world like a natural..

Now for Mr. Daddy, he has some moderate industrial hearing loss (esp. in the right ear). So you can probably guess how we were standing when alleged incident happened! (my bad side was toward the action)....LOL

Soooooo when our friend with the nice view (how do you phrase that without being sent to time out all over again) bent down to give the little monster the infamous hug???? I was in serious conversation with her better half. He evidently heard what happened cause he started snickering. I turned and saw the look of utter disbelief on Mommy's face..... and naturally asked what had happened????????? I swear before God and all I hold dear, that she said,,,,,,are you ready for this? "Foochies" which is her way of describing when he (lets a stinker)

Now I ask you? (in my defense) what red-blooded american male wouldn't be proud of his little one when he learned to do that when being squeezed????? Come on let's think about this from a guy's perspective here.

So to cover for him, (cause he had really been letting some stinky ones that morning) as he ran around the end of the counter, I yelled "YEA!!!! Babyyyyyyyyyy, give me five".......More embarrassed silence!!!!!!!!!!! I'm thinking WHAT! So I try to cover with "yea! he has really been letting some stinky ones this morning????????" (Looks of ) are you a total moron? Insert here a little nervous laughter, insignificant small talk, and everyone else trying to change the subject.

Flash back to me????dazed wonderment, what the heck just happened......O well just go with the flow! The rest of the visit went well?????? ( I think)...

Jump ahead the the ride home...

Mommy: what the heck were you thinking?

Mr. Daddy: WHAT?

Mommy: HIGH FIVES? What on earth were you thinking?

(insert thought) it was just a little "FOOCHIE" it couldn't of stunk that bad! could it?

Mommy: OMG weren't you totally embarrassed?

(another thought) what's the big deal about a "FOOCHIE"

Mommy: You are in soooooooo much trouble!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Finally I can't take it anymore!

Mr. Daddy: It was just a little "FOOCHIE"

Mommy: WHAT????????????? (I must of had my head turned away from her when I made the comment about him letting stinky ones) HE SAID "BOOBIES"

Mr. Daddy: been in the dog house since!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(


Rachel said...

Isn't this a prime example of the dangers of the "deaf leading the deaf"??? :)

Of course you aren't in the doghouse - it's just a story that is now funnier than the first time around!

Love you

Unknown said...


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