Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A new trick

The kiddo has begun to exhibit a bit too much intelligence…

He knows it’s nap time.

He recognizes the look
the blue blanket
the warm chocolate milk
the baby monitor power-up

More than anything, he’d like to sprawl on the big bed with someone to entertain cuddle him.

He’s taken to asking for a story, a song, a prayer. Suddenly developing an owie, or having to narrate the one that disappeared from his knee weeks ago. Whatever it takes to delay the inevitable.

Lately, he’s pulled out the big guns.

Once he’s convinced you to snuggle in beside him – he plops himself down unceremoniously and obeys the “close your eyes and settle down” for all of 4.3 seconds.

Then the impish grin, and the mother of all weapons, a darling kiss. More often than not, it is slightly misplanted and lands halfway on your nose or chin. The sound effects are perfect, though – a great mmmmmMMMM *smack*

Tell me, how on earth do you discourage that? Or even stop asking for another one?

I know this is his new tried-and-true weapon, since Mr. Daddy forewarned me about it the other night. He said that after the 7th kiss, he had to tell the grinning boy that it was enough for bedtime.

I responded with AWWWWs and a bit of envy…

Until today. When Tristan decided to work his charm with Mommy. THIRTY-ONE times.
Yes, I counted. I’m goofy like that.

If I had to pick a favorite, I’d say kiss #5 – right on the nose with a nice lack of spit and snot…

I have to admit, I didn’t really so much as discourage it, as wait for him to tire of it. My mind was filled with visions of him as a teenager who wouldn’t appreciate such affection. So I enjoyed those moments today. Realizing that a few minutes of a missed nap is a more than fair trade for these memories that I already treasure.

(Of course Mr. Daddy will probably tell me I’m a big sissy mommy and the kid is too cute for his own good. But that’s Mr. Daddy’s fault, now, isn’t it? :)


Ice Cream said...

Enjoy it woman!!! I really wish I would have spent more time enjoying instead of disciplining with my first two kids.

lilivw said...

I am glad you are treasuring those priceless moments because they are gone too soon. Everyone always says it and the truth is that it ends sooner than you ever thought it would. I am glad I still have kids who love to hug and snuggle but there are some mornings when no one comes to snuggle. I do love the stage(s) my children are in now too though so I can't complain much! I knew you would be a great Mom Rachel! Love ya!

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