Sunday, August 17, 2008


Just giving you a number won't let you feel how miserable we've been with the heat lately...

Instead, I'll leave you with an image representative of our suffering:

It's a bad picture.
But the camera did its best to fight off the heat waves radiating from the subject.

Yes my friends, it was hot enough to melt butter.

Would any of you with air conditioning care for company??? :)


Jaime said...

Oh, my goodness! That is hilarious! Not that you're so hot, I'm sorry for that... Just that it melted the butter! :-)

I have A/C! :-) But, it might be quite a drive...

Sara said...

You are welcome to come to our house in Wisconsin! It's hot here too....we have our A/C on. :)

You are welcome any time!

:) Sara

Anonymous said...

ROFL! I feel just like that butter dish... I'm so glad it's finally cooling off. :-)

lilivw said...

I would invite you here (you are welcome anytime!) but the picture would then have been a butter lake.

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