Thursday, August 14, 2008


Is it in their genes?
I don't remember teaching Tristan how a nail and hammer and piece of wood relate?
He must have gotten a couple glimpses while the menfolk were putting up the fences, but they were using screws and drills for the most part.
So how does Itty Bit know what to do with these?

Look closely, of course he has a screw and that determined expression means we're gonna end up with a hole in that board.
As a side note... I clearly remember that recess in Kindergarten often included scraps of wood, nails, hammers, and small saws.
(okay, pausing here for all you moms to collectively gasp)
Now that I'm a mom I am FLABBERGASTED that they put these kind of things into my five-year-old hands and said "go play". I made absolutely nothing recognizable, and likely created more injuries to classmates with the hammer.
Ever notice how very different the world has become since you were a child?


The Broken Man said...

How sweet! And did he succeed in the great hole-making task?

The Broken Man

Stacy said...

It doesnt take them more than a few seconds to see something and try to immitate it. They love to immitate the big kids! Oh, I can so relate on the things we used to do that are now so unsafe. How did we ever survive??