Sunday, August 10, 2008

Summer Fun

I wish you knew my kid.

He's a funny little guy who often seems rather fearless, but still takes awhile to
warm up to some things.

Water is one of those "some things".

Don't get me wrong... he loves those baths, but keep anything wet away from his head.

I've been trying to convince him that sprinklers are fun, especially the cool one mommy found on clearance last week. (I don't get it... they know this is WASHINGTON, right? Bathing suits are on sale in March, and summer toys are off the shelves by the time we get sunshine? I guess we're due for some parka sightings next month).

Anyway - this awesome little get-up has a spiral tube and central spout to shoot little balls out of. If you're lucky, they stay suspended by the fountain and finally drop back into the spiral. It's a nice little babysitter while the kiddo is in awe of the physics...

It also squirts a little shower all around the base. So you pretty much have to get an itty-bit wet to put the balls back in.

Without further ado... Itty Bit's sprinkler story:

(Hmm? What goes in here?)

(Oh, I get it)

(Playing it safe, so I don't get bonked)
(Whoops! Dang, mommy caught it!)

(I'm a tough kid, and I love my sprinkler!)

What summer fun are you enjoying???


Sara said...

Your post reminded me of Madeline's first pool....she loved her bath, so I thought she'd love the pool. Wrong! She hated it. I tried all summer. Finally, by August I got smart and put her bath toys in it and she was in the pool all summer. I don't know what the difference was. Maybe she thought it was her bath?

I enjoyed your sprinkler post and pictures. Tristan is seriously one cute kid!! And I agree with you on the clearance items.....I've seen Halloween items out in stores now!! It's the same in Wisconsin.

Madeline and I are enjoying our backyard kiddie pool (I upgraded the baby pool this summer and got a bit bigger one). We also just got back from camping. Tonight Madeline cried that she wanted to camp again because she likes "camping sleeping." I only have 2.5 weeks left before I have to go back to school. I am trying to get it all in now.

I am glad to see you and Tristan are having a good summer together too. What memories the both of you will have.


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