Friday, August 29, 2008

No, Yes, I Don't Know?

Our workplace recently encouraged all employees to take an online health profile evaluation provided by our respective insurance companies.

Check out the below screen I encountered... (click, then select 'full size' in upper left to enlarge)


If it doesn't immediately strike you as odd that you can select the option of "I DON'T KNOW IF I HAVE EVER DELIVERED A CHILD OVER 9 POUNDS", then you are either a man, or you are a woman with an amazing pain threshold who should teach the rest of us how you do it.

For women who have done this on more than one occasion... I am in awe of you (yes, I mean you
Ms. Ice Cream Diary).


"Amandier" said...

This remind me long time ago, when I had to fill in some information, and it was towards pregnancy thing and I had to choose if I'm a female or male! Too funny.

Stacy said...

Ummm...yeah, I think I'd remember!