Saturday, August 16, 2008

Water bill


Is it any wonder we can go through two baths and umpteen loads of laundry a day?

And this is how he does it:

Gets down on the ground... I mean really down. Like laying down with his cheek on the gravel. Somehow this is extra-conducive to exactly how he has to push his mini-bulldozer to add some festive holes and bumps to our driveway. These are useful for slowing down vehicles that might be traveling any faster than 2mph.

He decided to have a bit more fun yesterday and use his tractors to scoop dirt and rocks into the horses' water. I figured it would help clean him off. Nope. Just added a soaked shirt to the adventure.


Come on, show me your messy kid pictures!


Hilary said...

Ah, boys and dirt :) I love when kids get dirty..and Isaac loves to do it as well!
I have a couple good dirty/muddy pictures of Isaac on my blog:

Do you live on a farm? I thought I saw some hay bales in your garage. Just curious :) Isaac would love to live on a farm!

Brad Huebert said...

Nice writing. Thought I'd drop by and visit, since you did the same. Thanks for your input on my blog, and God bless!

lilivw said...

Absolutely precious . . .

"What are little boys made of? Snips and snails and puppy dog tails."

He is so darling!