Monday, September 15, 2008

First Goose Egg

Not a first to look forward to.

The kid finally made it to the DL yesterday... with one giant bonky-bonk and a whole lotta ruckus.

He snuck up Mr. Daddy's quad ramps into the back of the truck. Successfully.

Then attempted to navigate his way back down the ramps. Unsuccessfully.

Mr. Daddy said that he took about one step on the ramp, then tumbled down onto the gravel.

I turned in time to see Mr. Daddy pick up a screaming Itty Bit and wasn't quite prepared for the close-up.

He had one mother of a goose egg - complete with purple bruising and some cuts on his forehead and cheek. He cried like the dickens (which is heartbreaking to hear from a normally tough kid who brushes off a lot of owies).

Yeah, I'm a real problem-solver.

For some reason, the only thing I could think of that would distract him was to show him his bonky-bonk in the mirror. So off we raced to the bathroom counter where Itty Bit stared in quiet astonishment at his newly colored face.

"Bleed, Mommy?"

"Yes, honey. That was a big bonky-bonk"

"Yeah" "Red Truck Fall Down BIG Bonk Rocks"

"I'm so sorry. Let's pray that Jesus heals it"


"Dear Jesus, please heal Tristan's bonky-bonk and make it not hurt anymore"

"Yeah" "Amen"

The "yeah"s and "Amen" were said with a bit of a trembling lip, but he was so wistfully earnest, it was heartwarming.

Looking back... we've been awfully blessed. By his age, I had already had a broken wrist and my fair share of klutzy injuries. For this knot on his head to be blogworthy - it makes me grateful that it isn't worse.

He finished it off by insisting on a bandaid. On his hand... Go figure?

(and, no, that wet stuff on his face isn't from two sips of Mountain Dew... are you kidding me?!? A good mom would never give her crying injured kid something like that, right?)


Jaime said...

Oh, bless his heart! That's quite a big bonk, for sure! He was a big boy about it, though. Hope it heals quickly and easily.

Stacy said...

Oh dear! It is so heart wrenching to hear them crying in pain, but it is very good he didn't get more of an owie. Those kids are so resilient, though! I'm sure the sugar from the MD helped. ;)

I think we had both our kids in for ER visits by the time they were 1.5. :(

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