Thursday, September 25, 2008


I live in a world of perpetual goofiness.

I guess in some ways it's hereditary...

My mother is the type who will sing "I've Been Working On the Railroad" in the produce section, then race the grocery cart outside and ride it all the way back to the car.

My sister is no less crazy. She is a famous pincher of unsuspecting rear ends, and has an ongoing food fight with a family friend at any gathering (Hi Mike!)

My dad... he's a bit more reserved, but his deadpan humor is spot on. He "tolerates" the silliness, but in truth we know he loves it. He is the #1 source of airborne antics.

The in-laws? Grandpa on the floor trying to teach an 8-month-old Itty Bit how to crawl was one of the funniest scenes of my life. His Donald Duck imitation is outrageous. And Grandma is one of those always-upbeat women who love a good joke.

I'd like to think Mr. Daddy and I are fun parents... there is lots of singing, dancing, and laughter in our home.

Is it any wonder that Itty Bit is finding his own sense of humor?

He was squirming on the couch the other night (as only little boys can do) and sticking his feet in Mr. Daddy's ribs about 492 times too many.

Mr. Daddy finally had enough. "QUIT TOUCHING ME!"

Out popped a little grin, and Itty Bit furtively leaned back and snuck his hand to Mr. Daddy's shoulder... tickling him.

Four diapers' worth of retaliation later - they were both tickled and giggled out.

For once I didn't rush for the camera. I simply stayed and laughed along. It's these moments I'll remember when the kiddo is too big to lay sideways on that loveseat. Boy, this growing up is hard work... for moms!

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