Monday, September 08, 2008

I used to

I used to love autumn.

Fall meant fresh school supplies, a new teacher, and a cooler turn after oppressively hot California summer days.

Now in the great northwest, I enjoy the stunning visual transformation. The leaves mingling in shades of carmel and fiery red. The sidewalks littered with their crunchy colors. A walk around the lake that won't leave you sweaty and each pull of breath reminding you just how pure the air is here.

My husband loves this time of year for another reason...

Any other hunting widows out there?

I have lost my spouse to the annual grand pursuit of guts and glory.

And since he is out enjoying this consummate testosterone celebration with his buddies (insert Tim Allen growling here) - he is not here to edit my posts... should I even feel guilty?

There's a part of me that is grateful for his chance to just be himself with a great bunch of guys. He is a popular one (the fact that he bugles well is not lost on me, nor the many who implore him for help) and has really cut back on his out-and-about time since having a little one.

Another part of me wonders when Mom gets a week off? And it just isn't the same. Because I don't want a week off. I want a week ON. I would love a break with the three of us off someplace where we are simply tasked with having fun.

I wouldn't know what to do with myself if I had a week away. I'm certain I'd miss my boys too much to enjoy it.

It's a good thing, right? That Mr. Daddy has a place he fits and something he enjoys. And a love for his family that makes him happy to come home.

I just used to love autumn a little bit more...


Stacy said...

Maybe you can go hunting with him. ;) My mom actually enjoys elk hunting so I guess for her it is fun. I think she mostly just enjoys being out in nature and spending time with my dad in the woods. They are elk hunting in Montana right now. I remember when my dad used to leave every Fall with a group of the guys, about 20 head of horses and mules and they would ride 30 miles in to the Sawtooth range in Montana to go hunting for at least two weeks. It was very primitive out there and they loved it. Unfortunately they are old now and don't want to go through that much work. ;)

Sara said...

I hear you on the week off.....I often wonder how that works too. And I also agree with you, I'd rather have a week of family time than to myself. I'd take a day to myself though--could I ever get a lot done then.

My husband e-mailed me at work today asking for my blessing for him to go "shooting" with his bow tonight with a friend. Then he added, "I'll pick up Madeline from day care tomorrow so you can stay late at work." Wednesdays are my day to stay late. I gave him my blessing, but added that I thought the deal was kind of funny in that he got to go do something fun and I got to stay at work late! :)