Tuesday, September 09, 2008

A letter from dear old dad

By way of explanation:

I'd just turned 14 years old
I hated sharing with my little 10-year old sister
In my "Grown Up" phase - no teddy bears or cutesy stuff for me
I was horse-crazy
I'd been saving for months to go to California
I was at summer camp in Oregon
The camp mascot was a giant moose in the cafeteria
Three letters in one day meant chants of KISS THE MOOSE
The lost art of letter writing was quickly rediscovered by my loving family

The actual letter is faded - I'll attempt to scan the back of the envelope to show just how creative my dad got; but here's the text of the letter:

Rachel -

I won't ask what you've been doing, because I already know. I've been reported to twice by my source there at camp. Don't worry too much about it now. We'll talk about these things when you're home.

We just got back from the airport. Those were the two hottest days we've ever spent in California. We owe it all to you. If you hadn't been gone, we couldn't have afforded that package deal to Knott's Berry Farm.

By the way, the school district called and told us of a trial program for ambitious students; where you take Algebra I, II, and III all at the same time. We couldn't contact you, so we went down and signed you up. We figured you could thank us later.

Since the wallpaper came off your walls, we tried putting it in (little sister's) room. It worked and looks terrific in there. Then we went ahead and put the paper with the teddy bears and bows on your walls and it seems to be sticking.

We sold the bunk beds, so we gave (little sister) your waterbed. Don't be worried though, because we got a great deal on this nice cot at a garage sale. It seems to match the wallpaper very nicely in your room. And you don't have to worry about how much money your room is costing, because we already got your money from the credit union.

For more exciting news... over...

(Little sister) cleaned up the bathroom today and since your press-on nails were left out, I let her have them. She says the reason you wear them is because it makes it easier to pick your nose. Is that why you're always getting nosebleeds?

I can't believe they gave me vacation this week (Tues - Sat). Immediately after our return from California, we found out about this camping trip where we pack in on horses for a two day trip. If we're not there when you get back to the church, just go home with grandma.

We should be back sometime Saturday evening. Because after the camping, we'll be in a horse race with the other people who packed in.

Sorry you missed all these things, but I'm sure you're having just as much fun.

See you Saturday.


Here's the back of the envelope... just for good measure:


Yup, I spent the next hour on my bunk bawling my eyes out. Until I opened my mother's letter which said "don't believe dad". It's been a great source of humor around here lately... some two decades later. My dad is one of those, as you say, "if he didn't love you, he wouldn't tease you".

I love you too Dad,


MGF said...

Too Funny. I did laugh. Thanks for sharing your memories.

Sara said...

I love it....your dad sounds a lot like mine. How fun! I am so glad you kept it.


danette said...

LOL, that is too funny!!

Kelly said...

after reading today's post linking to this one, I just had to click over and read it...bless your heart....LOL

Buckeroomama said...

OMG, what a riot your dad is! :)

I grew up with uncles who teased me (their one and only niece!) mercilessly and every time I'd complain to my mom (their older sis), she'd explain that they tease me because they love me, blah blah blah. It's thanks to them, though, that I'm was pretty much unfazed with any sort of teasing during my school years. :)