Saturday, September 06, 2008

Might I Have More?

Ever wonder where two-year olds get all that energy? A good clue would be catching them sucking down the last of your vanilla coffee.

Far from being mindful of our "you drank the coffee???", he instead proceeded to beg for more. Like really beg. Something that just had to be captured for posterity. He would have signed "more" and "please" if it hadn't meant risking his grip on the beloved coffee cup.

I ain't telling if he was successful in his puppy-eyed pleas, but somehow I have a feeling he's not getting a nap today.


Frogs' mom said...

Too Cute! :o) Frog has started drinking mocha frapacinos! His neurologist want to try him on some ADD meds (stimulants) "just ot see". We thought we'd give coffee a try over the summer to get a look at Frog's reactions to stimulants. No real change, but he does love his coffee :0)

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