Sunday, September 21, 2008

Not Me Monday!

Here’s a new fun link going around… “Not Me Mondays” from My Charming Kids.
Check out her post this week!

We’re a day early, but play along!


It wasn’t me who cleared the dining room table by brushing the crumbs onto the floor.

It wasn’t me who handed the kiddo my vanilla frappucino on the way home so he’d quit hollering.

It wouldn’t have been me who started signing to freak the mall survey guy out so he wouldn’t ask the list of questions.

And I certainly didn’t polish off a whole bag of white cheddar popcorn during Itty Bit’s naptime.

Not me who bought a spinning light-up remote control car for my two-year-old because I wanted to play with it...

It couldn’t have been me who started patting the little guy’s mouth so his whining turned into Indian whoops ~ in the store ~ LOUDLY.

And it certainly isn’t MY kid who has been sitting in his high chair for the last hour with veggie puffs and Jay Jay the Jet Plane…

(this little NOT ME better go get him into the bathtub)


Hilary said...

thanks for the link! I actually saw your link to her in a recent post of yours so I'd already read it! :) It was pretty funny...Rich just got done reading it too.

Oh, and I'll have to try the "indian whoop" next time Isaac starts to whine or complain! Good one!


Robin said...

The signing to the mall survey guy is cracking me up!!!! That's just brilliant! (I mean, if you had done that, which of course, you did NOT)


Robin said...

Thanks for your compliment! Let me explain the writing thing...God has blessed me with a steady hand that has been beneficial in painting and cake decorating (and the game "operation") but just writing with a pen or pencil is like Kryptonite. Really, I've come home from shopping without items on my list because I couldn't read it.

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