Sunday, September 21, 2008

Oh, is that for ME?

Awhile ago we went "horse shopping" and decided to go visit Bogey. He was beautiful and bigtime friendly.

The seller's friend warned us repeatedly not to let him rub on us.
I kind of took it with a "yeah, yeah, uh-huh" (I'll admit I like an affectionate horse).

She said again, "don't let him rub his head on you".


So I went up to meet him and the first thing he did was start to rub on my arm.

"Don't let him do that!"

She saw my look and motioned for her daughter to come over.
Apparently, Bogey had gotten too friendly... with a bridle on.
The metal had torn into the teenager's upper arm and left a nasty scar.

Now, my horse doesn't usually rub. She's super about respecting your space. The most she'll do is put her head down and lean into your touch.

Cassie on the other hand... is all horse.
She swings her head around to look at things - without giving a thought about what might be in the way (like say... YOUR head). So you can't be too subtle with her. She gets pushed away and swatted frequently when she gets a bit too close. Not a mean girl at all, but can leave a mark when she's not paying attention.

She had me trapped yesterday. Got curious about that little bag of carrots in my hand. And probably thought the one in Itty Bit's hand would be an easy score.

Here she is making sure I can't get away. Good thing she's not aggressive - how much of a chance would I stand against a horse built like her???




Killlashandra said...

Horses will be pushy when it comes to treats. Might sound mean but if they start walking all over you a kick to the belly will make them stop quick. I know I know it sounds terrible but you don't want your thousand pound pet to think she's boss. And it doesn't hurt them as much as get their attention quick. And when you offer the treat again hopefully they won't be pushy about it. If nibbling is a problem a flick or tap to the muzzle will stop that. And if they're really bothersome and you want to give them treats make them eat it out of a bucket or a bowl.

However, if it doesn't bother you please disregard my entire comment. :) I'm easy going and just offering my two cents.

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