Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Retiring Pajamas

The other day I finally decided that Itty Bit's puppy pajamas were getting a bit too snug. Actually, the fit was decent... getting his freshly bathed arms through the sleeves was the real challenge. I swear it was an almost audible pop when his head made it through the top. So I've reluctantly decided to retire them.

So farewell to the cute pj's.

Reminded me of the recent shopping trip with my mother when I was dumbfounded by a preemie sized onesie.

Until I realized that MY KID used to fit in one of those.

The hospital didn't even have something small enough for him. He swam in the NICU standard issue sleeper.

The funny irony is that while I was pregnant, Mr. Daddy brought home exactly ONE outfit for the new baby.

It was an adorable little suit - complete with a tie and jacket. My heart silently sank when I saw the tag... "preemie". The obstetrician had already chided me for getting so big with 2 months left to go, so I was not expecting a baby on the small side. I thanked Mr. Daddy and sadly figured we wouldn't be able to fit our kiddo in the outfit.

As it turns out... even that preemie outfit was a bit big on the little guy.

Take a peek at the little guy, then and now:

(hospital issue NEWBORN sleeper)
Photobucket Image Hosting

(Mr. Daddy and the preemie)Photobucket Image Hosting

what the heck happened?!?Photobucket Image Hosting


Anonymous said...

My god, he'll grow up to be such a heart-breaker! He's GORGEOUS. Yah, they're growing up too quickly. Even Sami's growing too fast for my sake. She'll be 5 months old next week!!! ACK!
Hugs to all,

Stacy said...

Oh he is such a little cutie! What a tiny little squirt he started out as, too. I thought my kids were little, but there were definitely not preemies. I think you pretty much needed a preemie outfit at the hospital for most newborns. Both my kids kids swam in their newborn outfits for the first few weeks.

danette said...

Aww, he is precious, then and now! Two of my sons were preemies, I remember them swimming in the preemie diapers and t-shirts in the NICU too. My youngest was born 1 1/2 weeks after his due date, and I remember thinking he looked like his brothers had at 2-3 mos old, lol.

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