Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Score 1

This post has been in the works for awhile…

I’m still kicking myself because I’m missing one more picture.

A few weeks ago (okay, seven to be exact), I was the lucky recipient of a great giveaway
. Stacy is way cool and she manages to showcase her sewing/jewelry/cooking/photography/cute kids without being obnoxiously braggy. I love that she has her own sense of style and packs some serious wit into those blog posts.

So I was delighted to learn that I was the lucky winner of this:

I had been in the process of deciding whether or not to keep shelling out for that outrageously expensive moisturizer at the department store (one of my few luxuries remaining from pre-mommyhood), or find something cheaper.

To be honest, my decision was less about money than the salespeople who were getting a bit too snobbish for my taste (I mean, come on… you are all dolled up in your white little lab coat and are looking down on ME? I’m the one in jeans who gets to hang out at the mall with my precious kiddo at 2 o’clock on a Tuesday afternoon. You just aren’t gonna make me feel bad about that. No offense meant to you NICE salespeople out there).

I wasn’t too keen on going back to Proactiv. I hate being in some kind of program where you get stuff in the mail before or after you need it – you either end up with a huge stash or running out.

I have combination/sensitive skin. The worst type (as solemnly pronounced by the pageant administrator – who also happened to be a Clarins rep).

My favorite in the Skin Medica was the Rejuvenative Moisturizer - I found that I had really been missing the extreme moisture. All those “sensitive skin” ones are pretty thin or medicated to the point of being oily. This stuff rocked. It was a treat to feel like I was doing something good for my skin (which is suddenly deciding to show my age… Is that when you hit your thirties or when you have a baby, or both?)

The exfoliant is totally different. You apply it to DRY skin – it is wax based and will ball up and remove the yuckies on the surface that way. Leaves your skin almost waterproof when you’re done!
I used the Calming Masque tonight - fully expecting to get razzed by my boys for the cream-pie-in-the-face look. Except... this stuff is nearly transparent. You wouldn't have known I had it on except for my squinting (yeah... I kinda need my glasses!)

I have to admit I haven’t tried the sun defense yet. But in MY defense… there hasn’t been much of a need lately!

So a big Thank You to Stacy for the giveaway. Check out her website

Stay tuned for more online scores this week!


Stacy said...

I'm so glad you like it! I'm a big fan of it myself and woe the day that I will have to pay full price for everything. One day I even came into work without putting anything but moisturizer on and besides looking a bit colorless I looked fine! Those darn kids interrupted my makeup application, and it took going to the ladies room to realize I had zippo makeup on LOL! At least I had lipstick in my purse. ;)

Killlashandra said...

Looks like a great giveaway to win. It seems like moisturizers are always in need as the years go by. :)

Sun defense is always needed down here. The moisturizer I use has a 30 SPF to help.