Friday, September 19, 2008

Score 3 - Etsy!

I'll admit when I first found Etsy, I headed straight for the kid stuff.

Isn't it frustrating that you find the CUTEST clothes for your kiddo... right after they're too big for them? Case in point: there are a million infant cowboy outfits now.
I found exactly ONE before Itty Bit was born.

Well, now that we've been introduced to Itty Bit and the gotten used to the idea that he's a TRACTOR man - his closet contains a decent number of John Deere items.

Here are his first three scores from Etsy:

(from Crea8tiveMama)

(from Baganus)

(from giltgoods)

Here's the scoop:
The first one was super cute - and still fits the kiddo. The official John Deere print is priceless.

The second one is SO vivid! The original shipment was actually lost in the mail, but the seller immediately sent another one. The tractor is bigger on the front, but I love that it is repeated on the back in a smaller size! It has not faded one bit.

The third one is one of my favorites. And you won't know why unless you come over or get one of your own. This is hands-down the softest shirt I have ever put on my kid. It has faded a bit (check out the fresh pictures on Etsy), but is an insane combination of soft and wrinkle-resistant. It's organic to boot.

A little secret is that most of these sellers include a little something extra in your shipment. I got some great notecards from giltgoods and marching ants magnets from Jaime (previous post).

I think all three of the above t-shirts started out as listings for onesies. Most sellers are delighted to make another size. I've gotten custom colors too and more choices than are originally advertised. It's like being the boss of your own little boutique!

ps. don't tell Mr. Daddy that I've already got another shirt on order for the little guy...