Friday, September 05, 2008

Itty Bit 1, Mr. Daddy 0

Okay, I'm addicted.

Cute moments were just a photo-op before... now any little story undergoes the "blog-worthy" test (don't tell me you remember that Seinfeld episode too :)

Mr. Daddy and Itty Bitty were working on picking up toys.

Well, at least Mr. Daddy was... Itty Bit was in the process of being convinced.

Mr. Daddy leaned down,
Itty Bitty stood up.

Dead ahead: instant screams, hands on his head, Itty Bitty yelling "OWIEEEEEE!"

To my right: Mr. Daddy standing with a shocked look on his face, blood showing through the hands covering his mouth.

Grabbing Itty Bitty (rubbing his head) and rushing to Mr. Daddy's aid at the sink. (Exactly how do you "help" someone when they're taking mouthfuls of water and spitting it back out bloodied?)

Feeling rather useless, but Itty Bitty is quickly intrigued by the "Daddy mouth owie BIG bonky-bonk bleeding hurt"

It took three stinking days to convince the man that a picture was most definitely needed. I'll probably have to put together some ice cream and chocolate syrup to exchange for permission to post this...

Yesiree... Itty Bitty clobbered him good. Good as in put-his-tooth-all-the-way-through-his-lip. So he's got a lovely entrance and exit wound. The swelling is finally getting better, but the bruising is quite artful.

His work buddies are giving him a rough time about it. I love it that he's my rough hunter man who can fell large elk with a single shot from his bow - then come home and get beat up by his skinny two-year old.

(Sorry Mr. Daddy... will this ice cream make you feel better?)


Mr. Daddy said...

Thanks hon,

Now the whole world will know that my two year old whooped my butt!!!!

It was bad enough when the guys at work thought you told me to shut up and I thought that you said stand up??? so you smacked me....

Jaime said...

That's funny! I'm glad he's healing. His pride and his mouth... :-)

That's funny about things being blog-worthy. I'm always thinking in terms of "I have to remember to blog this!" I found a kids' t-shirt that said "I'm sure my mom's gonna blog this..." and an adult one that said something like "You'll hear about this on our blog" or something like that. Fun! It's addicting! :-)