Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Who is this elf and why is he calling me "Mommy"?

We have an elf in the house.
One who is barely tall enough... but on his tippy-toes can reach the light switch.
Which means it now looks like we are having constant power surges.

light on
light off
light on
light off
Then the elf confuses himself and realizes he's in the dark.

The same elf that hides food... grapes in the cushions, crackers under his blanket (crunch).
He firmly believes that all toys should have the right to be indoors or outdoors depending on his mood = wheelbarrow inside, bath ducky outside.
Once both are sufficiently dirtied; back inside, of course.
He can close doors, but not open them. Ergo:
(again) "MOMMYYYY!"

And would someone please tell me who is giving this elf coffee before bedtime??? It certainly wouldn't be me, right?

Does anyone else have a kid who does that weird second wind thing when they are actually tired? Like running around in non-stop circles until they suddenly stop and look at you cross-eyed and giggle "dizzy!"??
Or walk around for an hour with his pajama bottoms on top of his head? Acting for all the world like it's completely normal?

(yes, those are pliers in his hand... don't ask)

Far past bedtime tonight, the kiddo looked at me with those ocean blue eyes and said,
"dance, Mommy?"

I melted.

I really did.

I'm only popular for so long. Until my kid figures out that is not cool to dance with Mom. But for now, I'll put Toby Keith on and spin him around and around. And kiss his rosy cheeks while he half-laughing resists.

This little elf is mine. Sleep can wait.

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Michelle Kemper Brownlow said...

What a beautiful Mommy you are!
Keep Dancing!
Mine is 11 and we still dance! He promises that he will snuggle even when he is old enough to have a girlfriend over.

Glad you liked your NAMESAKE! I thoroughly enjoyed doing it!