Thursday, October 16, 2008

Chance of sun?


Where are the brakes on this thing?

The autumn days are flying by without any consideration for my desire to just PAUSE for awhile.

To get out and kick leaves, walk among pumpkins, enjoy the foggy air around the lake again.

This little bit of outside is disappearing before that season of indoor coziness.

The horses have their thick winter coats already. I see them stamping at the gate in the morning, whinnying and exhaling white clouds.

The frost on our brilliant dahlia summer garden, and the dwindling supply of apples in the backyard remind me.

The chill urges me to scurry inside - to warm myself by the fire. It's time for fleece blankets and fresh baked bread and books.

Though I love it, I'm still fighting it.

Give me one more day warm enough for a t-shirt and jeans and let me ride bareback in the back pasture. Just once more before the cold settles in and indoors seems all the more delicious.

(ps... Stacy at The Land of K.A. gave generous permission to use her gorgeous photo above. Please head over and check out her other beautiful pictures!)


Stacy said...

Yes, it is time to stock up on hot cocoa. I clipped the last of my dahlia flowers on Tuesday, I think. I love having them on the dining table, but I think the frost will get the rest outside this week.

Autumn goes by sooooo quick. Enjoy it while you can!

lilivw said...

We had 1 "cold" day and the population was ecstatic thinking the weather would cool off and we can turn off the A/C. Well it is warming up again but not as hot. I look forward to a bit chilly so we can enjoy playing outdoors in the afternoon without sweating.

Love your blog! Fun to watch Tristan grow and see your family (including Kona!).

Heidi Zawisza said...

This is beautiful.....yet I am somewhat jealous. I would LOVE some cool weather about now!! Your descriptions are awesome!

Sara said...

I hear you, Rachel. I had to help with a tailgate party at our high school football game tonight. It was COLD. I came home and took my first bath of the season.

Just one more day!

I love fall, but I don't like what follows it as much.


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